2022 Apparel Trends

Apparel Trends 2022

Apparel is an ever-evolving promotional product. Your clients are wanting the newest styles to keep up with demand. As apparel promo products change each year, how are you standing out from the competition? Here are the top ten apparel trends for 2022.

When you look around today and see many teens wearing “trendy new clothes,” you may think to yourself, don’t I have that in the back of my closet somewhere? Truth is, we are seeing a blast from the past as the latest apparel trend is going back to retro styles. Looks from the ’70s, ‘80s, ’90s and early ‘00s (also known as Y2K fashion) are making a huge comeback. Bring on the sweater vests, overalls, and bell-bottom jeans! Fashion tends to have a 30-year cycle. Source: Today.com As a result, we see a hodgepodge of trends from the decades resulting in a new form of retro fashion. Retro TREND # 1 30 YEARS SAGE #50316 | Item #8512 SAGE #50597 | Item #I8502 SAGE #50347 | Item #14902

Loungewear TREND # 2 45% of full-time employees worked partly or fully remotely in September of 2021 9 out of 10 remote workers want to maintain remote work to some degree There has been a 143% increase in pajama/loungewear sales due to an influx of work from home employees 45% 143% Loungewear has become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many work from home employees opt for comfortable clothing during the day. Loungewear can be classified as anything that feels comfortable that you can lay around the house in. It’s the clothing you put on when you get home from a long day to relax and unwind. Tank and Shorts Sweats Tracksuits Leggings or cozy pants Slippers, casual loafers, boat shoes, and socks 1 2 3 4 5 SAGE #50007 Item #2994 SAGE #50316 Item #G186 SAGE #53882 Item #FFUZZ-250

Sustainability TREND # 3 Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion While fast fashion describes clothing that is cheaply made and intended for short-term use, sustainable (or “ethical”) fashion is the opposite and is sometimes even referred to as slow fashion. Source: Good Housekeeping People are now invested in sustainability due to several reasons: To Help the Environment Long-Lasting Clothing Consuming Less and Consuming Better In a McKinsey US Cohort survey conducted in 2019, around 66% of respondents said that they consider sustainability when purchasing a luxury product. Source: Globe Newswire Which Age Ranges Support Sustainable Fashion? 76% 18 - 24 YRS. 69% 25 - 34 YRS. 35 - 44 YRS. 45 - 54 YRS. 55+ YRS. Shopping sustainable apparel is easy with SAGE Online. In the Product Search area, select Environment from the Social Good drop-down field to find the latest sustainable promo products! 61% 60% 56% SAGE #50007 | Item #2345 SAGE #54200 | Item #8060

Unisex Clothing TREND # 4 What is unisex clothing? Quite simply, unisex clothes are garments that are designed without a specific gender in mind. Source: Fashion Beans It offers options for everyone It supports slow fashion or sustainable fashion It allows a comfortable fit to all sizes Throughout time, society has dictated that men should dress in one way and women in another – it often starts in school, trousers and blue are for boys, skirts and pink for girls – but unisex fashion does away with all this. How to find unisex clothing in SAGE Online: Go to the Product Search area, then type in the apparel item you need (i.e. shirts, polo, etc.), then type in the keyword unisex to start your search. SAGE #50316 | Item #3001C SAGE #50042 | Item #BC3945 SAGE #62662 | Item #18500

Add in the Basics TREND # 5 Clients are wearing more basics tomix andmatch their daily clothing. This is a great opportunity for adding branding options. A huge theme in the apparel industry is adding more basics to your wardrobe. Here are a few basics that everyone should have in their closet. For Women: The Striped Sweater The Button-Up The Camel Trench Coat The Sleek Loafers The Classic Jeans The Little Black Dress The Everyday Sunglasses The Wrap Skirt For Men: Two jackets (1 dressy, 1 casual) Eight tops (a mixture of t-shirts, polos, button-ups and/or henleys) Two pants (1 casual, 1 dressier) Two pairs of shoes (1 casual, 1 dressier) Eight pairs of underwear Eight pairs of socks Source: StitchFix Source: The Essential Man When you add promo products to your library, add in some essentials that everyone may need. That way, they can add it to their wardrobe and mix it up with all their fashion attire! SAGE #50316 | Item #596920 SAGE #65054 | Item #MCW00206

Hats TREND # 6 The bucket hat has been around for ages, but since retro is coming back, bucket hats are now all the rage. The classic beanie is traditionally word during the fall and winter months. We are seeing a trend where beanies are worn year-round. The Bucket Hat The baseball cap, known as America’s national hat, was made popular by baseball teams dating back to 1876. In the 1960’s agriculture companies showed interest in the ballcap’s potential for advertising. Thus, the fun, trendy promotional product was born. Source: Vogue The Baseball Cap The Classic Beanie Hats have always been an excellent accessory to any outfit. Any type of hat can be a wonderful way to showcase a brand. SAGE #68786 | Item #128989 SAGE #50601 | Item #WC9735 SAGE #50597 | Item #I8502

Socks TREND # 7 Colorful long socks are a new form of selfexpression, which is a perfect branding opportunity. Whether you are working from home or in the office, colorful long socks are the new craze. You can dress them up or dress them down; colorful long socks are a way to show off some personality. And showcase a brand or two! SAGE #66984 Item #SC109 SAGE #50796 Item #3CRW-K SAGE #66984 Item #SB102

Academia Style TREND # 8 An academia style is associated with a clean, fresh academic look that will impress. This includes a crisp and clean style with a twist of casual and sophisticated pieces. What is an Academia Style? Sweater Vests Sports Coats Blazers Slacks Skirts Polos Button Downs An Academia Style Can Include: SAGE #65054 Item #LCO01198 SAGE #51947 Item #UGSS1479

Monochrome Style TREND # 9 Monochrome styles consist of outfits with all matching colors. What is a Monochrome Style? These items are perfect branding opportunities. Add your logo for a great customer appreciation or employee recognition gift!

TREND # 10 Pastel Styles Pastels are coming back in a big way and can be found in all types of clothing. Sticking to this color palette will seal the deal from face masks, polos, tees, and more. Accessorize pastels with any attire for any occasion! Pastel Color Wheel These colors are relaxing to the eye and are always wearable. SAGE #50316 | Item #6245CM SAGE #63316 | Item #3825 SAGE #67102 | Item #3501

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