Cotton Heritage Catalog 2022

COTTON HERITAGE REFERENCE 125 COMBED RING-SPUN The fabric f ibers are twisted during the spinning process , yielding a tighter knit . The result is a stronger and smoother yarn that provides garments both superior printability and durability. SOFT WASH An essential step in making our tops and tees sof t to the touch, we f inish our garments with a proprietary sof t wash that removes the raised surface/hairiness and the residue from the dyeing and knitting process , as well as any lef tover loose f ibers that didn’ t get trapped in the spinning process . The result is a f inished garment that has a primed surface for printing and a much sof ter hand. HIGH THREAD COUNT We make our garments with a higher-than-average thread count of 20-34 single yarns which leads to an extra-tight knit , providing a better surface on which to print . SIDE-SEAMED Producing a side-seamed T-shirt results in a better-f itting garment with less inherent torque or twisting, allowing for better placement , and thus better printability. REACTIVE DYES The majority of our garments are produced using reactive dyes . This ensures that when the printer is using a pretreat process that it will not result in any discoloration, loss of color, or staining. Colors will stay true.