2021 NAP Catalog

2 ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS GENERAL INFORMATION LAYOUTS: We will fax a black and white layout for approval prior to production. If order canceled prior to any actual production a $35.00 (net) layout fee will be charged. COLOR MATCHING: Not all imprint colors can be matched 100%. We will do our best to match any PMS color you provide. If no PMS color is provided we will use our standard shades of standard colors. DYE-LOTS: Material dye-lots will vary with each run therefor and exact material color match from run to run may not be possible. Because we buy materials from various mills in the U.S. we cannot guarantee that one mill’s color will perfectly match another mill’s color of the same trade name. ARTWORK CLEANUP: If you provide us with artwork that requires redrawing a cleanup charge of $35.00 (net) per hour will be assessed to order. Examples of artwork requiring cleanup would be JPG’s, TIFF’s, WMF’s, DOC’s, PDF’s, or samples received such as flags, banners, t-shirts, embroidered patches and like materials. SAMPLE ART: In most cases a flat fee of $80.00 (net) will be added for artwork taken from sample flags or banners. DELAYS : Order delays can be caused by many things including but not limited to, creating changes in artwork, receiving of poor artwork, or not approving our faxed layout in a timely manner. ORDERING INFORMATION SUMMARY OF ORDERING POLICY CATALOG INDEX MATERIAL COLORS PREMIUM NYLON Magenta FM Yellow Gold Canada Red Mint Green Lavender Salmon Turquoise French Blue OG Red Emerald Green Black Orange OG Blue Spanish Yellow White Royal Blue Crimson Buff Dartmouth Green Wineberry UN Blue Burnt Orange Pansy Brick Red Dahlia Nickel Rust Orchid Charcoal Crocus Bell Blue Maroon Process Blue Purple Gold Brown Peach Flesh Warm Red Lilac Amber Golden Poppy Aqua Tan Ruby Peacock Silver STANDARD NYLON Spice Brown Supported Media FTP UPLOAD (ftp.napmfg.com) CD Disc DVD Disc Programs Supported Adobe Illustrator CS6 Adobe Photoshop CS6 JPG EPS AI TIFF Files That Require Cleanup Fee BMP And All Other Bitmap Files Platforms Supported PC or MAC accordingly. Adobe Illustrator: This is our preferred program. Other non-Adobe Illustrator files will be imported into Adobe Illustrator so please prepare your graphic file(s) Adobe Photoshop: Save file as EPS or as a TIFF with a minimum of 300 DPI resolution. The size should be equal to ½ of the actual print size. File Specs.: Please include all EPS and/or TIFF files, and include fonts or convert fonts to curves or outlines. Also include a printed listing of the file names used in your graphic. We no longer return computer discs, composites, or laser printouts so please DO NOT send in your original copies. Sample items such as banners, flags, pins, buttons and other samples will be returned at distributors expense. FTP SITE: For large files please be sure to zip or stuffit the file(s) before uploading to our ftp site (ftp.napmfg.com ) to prevent corruption in the transit. Please include all files used in the artwork including links such as TIFF, EPS, or JPG, and any fonts not converted to vector or curves. All files received will be imported to Illustrator so to prevent corruption please save files in EPS format. Call our customer service for User ID and Password. E-mail Note: When sending your file via E-mail you must include your distributor name, ASI/PPAI number, contact phone, purchase order number. Maximum email file size is 4 megabytes. Imprint Colors: When submitting artwork for spot colors please specify a coated PMS number from the Pantone Matching System. If you do not specify a PMS color the factory will use a standard shade of standard color. Not every PMS color shade can be matched 100%. Because of variances in inks, substrates, and printing processes the finished product will not usually match a printed color composite. 3'x8' Pole Banners (for universal brackets) 29-30 Appliqué (nylon wall banners) 03 Printed Die-Cut Decals 20 3'x5' Three Stripe Message Flags 23 Appliqué (nylon run-through banners) 03 Printed Static Cling Window Vinyl 20 3’x8’ Three Stripe Vertical Message Flags 25 Appliqué (nylon backdrop banners) 03 Printed Magnetic Signs (autos) 19 3'x5' Three Stripe Dealership Flags 23 Printed Vinyl Fleet Markings (trucks) 19 12"x18" Dealership Pennant Strings/Message 31 Printed Nylon Podium Banners 07 Printed Corrugated Plastic (coraplast) 18 Printed Styrene Signs 14 3’X5’ Dealer Flag Logo Flags 22 Indoor Banners andStands 10 3'x5' Petroleum & Fast Food Identity Flags 22 Printed Poly Banners (spot colors) 13 3'x5' Message Flags 22-27 3'x5' Checkered Flags (black & red checks) 22 Digital Vinyl Banners (full colors) 12 3'x5' & 3'x10' Poly Message Banners 42 3'x8' Dealership Identity Flags 22 Printed Poly Banners (spot colors) 13 Warning Pennant Strings 41 Dealer Logo & Message Bracket Flags 26 Printed Vinyl, Sunbrella & Nylon Avenue Banners 16 Pleated Fans & Pull Down Fans 44 45"x66" Rotating Bracket Flag System 26 Net Banners (over head street banners) 11 U.S. & Texas Nylon & Poly-Knit Flags 43 3 ½'x7.5' Three Panel Dealership Drape Stack 27 Vinyl Lettered & Digitally Printed Banners 15 3'x10' & 3'x20' Vinyl Message Banners 33-37 USA Poly Pennant Strings & Patriotic Bunting 43 3 ½'x12' Five Panel Dealership Drape Stack 28 Steel & Aluminum In-Ground Flag Poles 45 51 Race Track Flags 21 Attention Solid & Striped Nylon Flags 52-53 Checkered Pennant Strings 21 Appliqué Flags 03 CNC Routers- Cut & Print 54 Car Antenna Pennants 55 Feather & Shark Fin Flag 04-06 Bunting Materials (poly, vinyl, nylon) 55 Car Antenna Pennants (USA & Texas) 44 09 Printed (Full color)Nylon & Poly-Knit Flags Pennant Strings (vinyl, metallic, poly) 56-66 Warning Flags & Number Kits 32 State & International Flags 43,46-50 Bracket & Pole Mounting Hardware 67 Adhesive Vinyl Numbers & Slogans 32 Holiday Flags & Banners 38-39 AUTOMOTIVE Nylon Sail Flags 3'x5' Three Flag Cluster Flag Kits 22 CUSTOM BANNERS CUSTOM FLAGS CUSTOM MISCELLANEOUS STOCK BANNERS - FLAGS - PENNANTS - POLES 3 Stripe Dealer Logo Drapes 24 Printed (poly & vinyl plastic-cloth) 17 CUSTOM PENNANT STRINGS Printed Vinyl Mesh Banner 11 Vinyl & Metallic Printed Message Pennants Strings 40 NAP, World of Colors, Brute-Lon, SunBurst, and Metallic Squares are exclusive trademarks of NAP Mfg. Emblems and logos depicted as examples in this catalog which are trademarks are the property of their respective organizations and are not affiliated with NAP Mfg. Oil and auto dealers only are permitted to purchase or use dealer and oil company logo items. Appliqué Table Drapes 08 Printed Table Drapes 08 Table Covers