2022 Tower Grand Champion Line

55885 2022

Stickers Regular Swim 2”x 6” 1D5 2”x 5” 1D7 2”x 7” 2”x 8” 1C9 2”x 9” 1C10 2”x 10” 1 5/8”x5” 1CTT8 1CTT9 2 1/2”x10” 2 1/2”x8” Mini Ribbons R1D4 2” x 4” - Fishtail or Pinked Cut 2 1/2”x9” 3”x10” 1 5/8”x6” 1 5/8”x7” 1 5/8”x8” Custom Flat Ribbons

2 1/2”x10” 2”x10” 2”x9” 1B310 3”x10” 3”x15” 2.5” x 24” 2”x12” With 1 5/8”x10” Overlay 1 5/8”x6” 3”x 24” 2”x6” 2”x8” 2”x8” 2”x8” Regular Swim Track Reg. Flat Custom Unless Specified, Regular card will be used Custom Carded Ribbons

RS1CTT4 2 1/2”x4” RS1CTT6 2 1/2”x6” RS1CTT8 2 1/2”x8” RS1DG V Top 2”x6” Full Color Sublimation Ribbons Exact Color Match Cannot be Guaranteed

Close registration of colors cannot be guaranteed. Multi-color imprinted ribbons will have a small variance of registration 2020 SPG 2” x 8” 2020 SP 2” x 8” SP 2” x 8” Fishtail Great For: Cross Country, Track, Field Day, Swimming and Wrestling. Price includes copy and place changes. Custom Flat Ribbons

2017 Black Mourning Green Organ Donor Pink Breast Cancer Red AIDS, MADD, DARE Blue Child Abuse, Drunk Driving Purple Animal Abuse, Domestic Violence White Right to Life Yellow Hope, Support our Troops Angle Cut RLLAR2 With Pin With Tape Awareness Ribbons & Pins

Value Line

Featuring: Satin Acetate Ribbons 100 Yard rolls equal approximately 600 - 6” Ribbons 450 - 8” Ribbons Featuring: Poly Satin Ribbon Available in 50 and 100 yard rolls. Item RSCI35 RSCI35-50 RSCI31 RSCI31-50 RSCI315 RSCI315-50 RSCI32 RSCI32-50 RSCI325 RSCI325-50 RSCI33 RSCI33-50 RSCI34 RSCI34-50 RSCI36 RSCI36-50 RSCI38 RSCI38-50 RSCI3012 RSCI3012-50 8" x 100 yrds 8" x 50 yrds 12" x 100 yrds 12" x 50 yrds 3" x 50 yrds 4" x 100 yrds 4" x 50 yrds 6" x 100 yrds 6" x 50 yrds 2" x 100 yrds 2 1/2" x 100 yrds 3" x 100 yrds 50 & 100 yard rolls 5/8" x 50 yrds 1" x 50 yrds 1 5/8" x 50 yrds 2" x 50 yrds 2 1/2" x 50 yrds Continuous Dye Sub Ribbon Size 5/8" x 100 yrds 1" x 100 yrds 1 5/8" x 100 yrds Item RCI35 RCI31 RCI315 RCI32 RCI325 RCI33 RCI34 100 yard rolls Size 5/8" 1" 1 5/8" 2" 2 1/2" 3" 4" Continuous Foil Imprinted Ribbon RCS95G 9.5” Ceremonial Scissors with Gold Handle Continuous Imprint Ribbons Exact Color Match Cannot be Guaranteed Not for making Bows

Dynamic 3-D

RD5DRG1 RD5DRG2 - 2” x 6” Econo Stock Ribbons

Stock Event Ribbons 2” x 8”

1ESPK 1EPT 1ECH 1EDIR 1EGST Stock Ribbons Fun - 2” x 8” 1ES - 1 5/8” x 6”

2DG and 2DS available in 1st-6th only 2B4 4th Place 2B5 5th Place 2B6 6th Place 2B7 7th Place 2B8 8th Place 2B9 9th Place 2B10 10th Place 2C1 1st Place 2C2 2nd Place 2C3 3rd Place 2C4 4th Place 2C5 5th Place 2C6 6th Place 2C7 7th Place 2C8 8th Place 2C9 9th Place 2C10 10th Place 2CPT Participant Blue Green Purple Green Lt. Blue Black Purple Blue Maroon Gray Lt. Blue Blue White White Blue Irish Gold Black Purple Purple Yellow Purple Saphire Red Purple Red Blue Brown Antique Gold Green Saphire Blue Lavender Stock Ribbons

Full Color Stock Ribbons 2” x 8”


2017 Promotional Ribbons Stock Ribbons

Participant Stock Rosettes

2RBSBOS Best of Show 3RBSBOS Best of Show 3RBS 3 Streamer 3” x 10“ 2RBS 1 Streamer 3” x 10“ Stock Rosettes

Economy Rosettes

Side Streamers: 1 5/8” x 6” Custom Rosette Ribbons

Custom Rosette Ribbons

TR64 Overall Size: 4.5” x 7.5“ Rosette Dia: 4.5” Streamers: 1 5/8” x 4” TR62 Overall Size: 4.5” x 7.5“ Rosette Dia: 4.5” Streamers: 1 5/8” x 4” TR63 Overall Size: 4.5” x 12“ Rosette Dia: 4.5” Streamers: 2” x 8.5” Custom Rosette Ribbons

Custom Rosette Ribbons

Streamers: 2” x 12” TR73 Overall Size: 5 1/2” x 16” Rosette Dia: 5 1/2” Streamers: 1 5/8” x 12” GOSHEN 3 ON 3 TOURNEY TR74 Overall Size: 5.5” x 12“ Rosette Dia: 5.5” Streamers: 2“ x 8.5” Custom Rosette Ribbons

Custom Rosette Ribbons

Custom Rosette Ribbons


Streamers: 2 1/2” x 14” Custom Rosette Ribbons

TRBC3 Overall Size: 6” x 20“ Rosette Dia: 6” Streamers: 2” x 16” Custom Rosette Ribbons

Custom Rosette Ribbons

TRBB5 Overall Size: 7” x 23“ Rosette Dia: 7” Streamers: 2” x 18” TRBA5 Overall Size: 9” x 27“ Rosette Dia: 9” Streamers: 2” x 20” Custom Rosette Ribbons

Side Streamers 1 5/8” x 13” Center Streamer 1 5/8” x 13” Any of the Rosettes listed below can be ordered with any of the following color combinations Ribbon Color: Blue Red White Yellow Black Black Lt. Blue Raspberry Teal Teal Side Streamers & Tabs: w/ Gold & Red imprint w/ Gold & Blue imprint w/ Teal and Pink imprint w/ Silver and Blue imprint w/ Pink & Silver imprint w/ Blue & Silver imprint w/ Gold & Red imprint w/ Black & Silver imprint w/ White & Purple imprint w/ Silver & Pink imprint Custom Rosette Ribbons

-Graduations Jumbo Custom Rosettes

• Perfect Attendance • A Honor Roll • A & B Honor Roll • Reading • Student of the Month • Principal’s Award • Science Superstar • Brought Up Grades (Kiwanis sold several 100k of these) • Readers are leaders. onor Roll B Honor Roll ding ught Up Grades (Kiwanis sold several 100k of these) • A Honor Roll • A & B Honor Roll • Reading • Brought Up Grades (Kiwanis sold several 100k of these) • Perfect Attendance • A Honor Roll • A & B Honor Roll • Reading • Student of the Month • Principal’s Award • Brought Up Grades (Kiwanis sold several 100k of these) Backside Plastic Badge Holders with insert cards Stock School Buttons Plastic Badge Holders

2-1/4” 2-1/4” 1-1/4” 1-3/4” 2” x 3” 2” x 3” 2” Square 3” 2-3/4” x 1-3/4” 2-3/4” x 1-3/4” Custom Celluloid Buttons

Badge Ribbons

Stock Medals

2” Stock Medals

2” Stock Medals

Production Time: Production Time: 25 minimum order 4 Weeks No Color Fill 5 Weeks w/ Color Fill Custom Zinc Medals

CP2022 Year 2022 Chenille Letter Pins

No Die Charge!!! Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

MY604 2” Full Color Stock Mylars

Gold Only Gold Only RTSKING 18” Gold Scepter Tiaras & Crowns

Only 72" is designed to wrap around wearer Sashes are designed for limited use (1 or 2 wears) Sashes should not be laundered or dry cleaned Contestant Numbers & Sashes

- RSQS472 - Custom Full Color Sashes 4” x 72” New Sash Pockets! Great for Holding Phones, ID, Credit Cards And other Personable Items Sewn In NEW! NEW! ADD ON RSQ-SP46-Sash Pocket Pocket Size 3-3/4” x 6” 4” Full Color Sashes

RSMHRD24 2” x 3” w/ Pin Back Full Color Custom Drape Custom Foil Printed Drapes Custom Neck Ribbons & Drapes

Minimum: 25 All inserts are 2" Stock inserts available see page 43 Each medal is attached with a gold clip Medals are available in antique (G)Gold, (S) Silver or (Z)Bronze G2M- Bottle Cap border G1M- Chain Link border G3M- Serpentine border Ask about custom inserts! Full Color Insert Medals with Neck Ribbons

Ask about custom inserts! Full Color Insert Medals with Neck Ribbons

Cadet Blue Black White Tassel is extra Silver Red Blue RCPF-BK Black w/ Gold Imprint RCPF-BL Blue w/ Gold Imprint RCPF-RD Red w/ Gold Imprint RCPF-CB Cadet Blue w/ Gold Imprint RCPF-SL Silver w/ Gold Imprint RCPF-WG White w/ Gold Imprint RCPF-WR White w/ Red Imprint RCPF-WN White w/ Green Imprint RCPF-WB White w/ Blue Imprint Presentation Folders Holds 8.5” x 11” Certificates

Frames & Diploma Covers Holds 8.5” x 11” Diploma Production Time: 15 days Print Area: 3" x 5" Item RDC8511K Blank RDC8511B Blank Padded Diploma Covers Color Black Blue 8.5” x 11” Silk Screened only

Banners & Misc.

RDNR24 SUBCAL Item RGRL2 RGRL5 RGRL8 RTRT2 RGRT5 RGRT8 12" Printed Grad Rib/ Tassel 15" Printed Grad Rib/ Tassel 18" Printed Grad Rib/ Tassel Graduation Ribbons Description 12" Printed Grad Rib/ loop top 15" Printed Grad Rib/ loop top 18" Printed Grad Rib/ loop top Let us create something special for you! Item RWBNR Wine Bottle Ribbons Description Wine Bottle Neck Ribbons Item MHR028 RS1C9 SUBCAL 4" x 10" Custom Creations Size 2" x 8" Ribbon Only 9" Ruler School Bus Item RDNR18 RDNR24 Dog Neck Ribbons w/ Rosette Size 3.5" x 18" Dog Neck Ribbon 3.5" x 24" Dog Neck Ribbon Custom Creations

Lanyards RD900 1.5” x 1.5” Safety pinback Stock Neck Ribbons

There will be an additional charge for drop shipping. Address errors will be charged back to the customer ADDRESS ERRORS FOIL COLORS: We cannot guarantee exact color match on repeat orders REPEAT ORDERS COLOR MATCH Normal shipping time Shipping In the months of April, May & June add 5 production days. New Old Gold Colors & Information

Pages 2-5 Flat Ribbons Pages 6 Awareness Ribbons Pages 8 Continuous Ribbons Pages 9-18 Stock Ribbons & Rosettes Pages 19-33 Custom Rosettes Pages 34-35 Buttons and Badges Page 36 Badge Ribbons Pages 37-40 Medals Pages 44-46 Tiaras & Sashes Pages 47-49 & 54 Neck Ribbons New 4” Wide Sash Sash Pocket