2018 Pioneer Line Catalog

3 NEON COLORS Dark Blue L21 Green L22 Red L23 Yellow L24 Orange L25 Pink L26 Pale Blue L27 White L28 Pearl Quartz Purple L76 * Pearl Onyx Black L77 Pearl Burgundy L45 Pearl Forest Green L46 Pearl Midnight Blue L47 Pearl Teal L59 Pearl Magenta L7A Pearl Sapphire Blue L71 * Pearl Emerald Green L72 * Pearl Ruby Red L73 * Pearl Citrine Yellow L74 Silver L48 Gold L49 Rose Gold L4A * Due to their unique production, Qualatex SuperAgate ® balloons vary in color and marbling. Red & White L63 Traditional L64 Blue Rainbow L6A Green Rainbow L6B Red Orange Rainbow L6C Yellow Orange Rainbow L6D Neon Green L93 Neon Orange L95 Neon Violet L97 Neon Blue L66 Pearl Lemon Chiffon L19 Pearl Ivory L62 Pearl Azure L81 Pearl Mint Green L82 Pearl Lavender L84 Pearl Peach L85 Pearl Pink L86 Pearl Light Blue L87 Pearl White L88 Navy L3U * Tropical Teal L33 Periwinkle L9O * Goldenrod L34 Spring Green L3T * Rose L36 Gray L39* Spring Lilac L37 Lime L89 * Onyx Black L41 Quartz Purple L44 Sapphire Blue L51 Citrine Yellow L54 Mandarin Orange L55 Diamond Clear L58 Jewel Teal L16 Ruby Red L53 Available in 11" & 30" only Fashion L67 Pink Violet Rainbow L6E Pearl Mandarin Orange L91 Pearl Lime Green L7B SUPERAGATE ® COLORS Qualatex ® Stock Color Assortments Custom Color Assortments Bright Rainbow Assortment/L2E Standard Colors: Red,Yellow, & Orange Fashion Colors: Robin's Egg Blue,PurpleViolet,& Spring Green (White ink is recommended.) Rainbow Assortment/L05 Standard Colors: Red,Yellow,Orange, Pink,Pale Blue (Black or Blue ink is recommended.) Primary Color Assortment/L2D Standard Colors: Dark Blue,Green, Red,Orange,Yellow (White ink is recommended.) Radiant Jewel Assortment/L75 Quartz Purple,Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green,Ruby Red, CitrineYellow (White ink is recommended.) Chocolate Brown L3F * ■ Assortments of any combination of colors are available and, unless otherwise specified, colors are assorted in bag. ■ For orders under 1,000 balloons, choose up to two balloon colors or one color assortment on the left. ■ For orders of 1,000 or more,choose no more than four balloon colors or one color assortment on the left. See pages 4 & 14 for pricing. Robin’s Egg Blue L3G * Purple Violet L3H * Maroon L3V * Wild Berry L3L * Available in 11" only STANDARD COLORS JEWEL COLORS FASHION COLORS RADIANT PEARL COLORS PASTEL PEARL COLORS Available in 11" only Available in 11" only METALLIC COLORS Color 1 Color 1 Color 2 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 OPAQUE TRANSPARENT OPAQUE OPAQUE OPAQUE OPAQUE OPAQUE OPAQUE OPAQUE FASHION COLORS *Not available in 9" *Not available in 9" *Not available in 9" *Also available in 16" Qualatex ® Latex BALLOONS Emerald Green L52 Coral L3R * Ivory Silk L38 NEW NEW NEW Available in 11" only