Novelty Printers 2024 Catalog

10 11 Stick scoring shots closer to the pin with SoftFli Golf Balls. Maxfli’s softest golf ball features a 35 compression rating and delivers a blend of soft feel and greenside control. The soft ionomer blend cover outfitted with a 332 dimple pattern further promotes soft feel while generating more consistent flight for all swing speeds. Available in white, multi-color, matte blue, matte orange, matte pink, matte red, and matte yellow. Maxfli’s straightest golf ball featuring a unique Find the Fairway dimple pattern that utilizes 374 large and small dimples in stacked and packed patterns to reduce lift and increase accuracy. With the StraightFli, that same shot has the ability to go from the rough to the fairway. Available in white, matte yellow, and matte orange. TOUR S / TOUR / TOUR X HAMMER CONTROL / DISTANCE The Maxfli Tour Golf Balls feature a patented Center of Gravity Balanced technology. Each golf ball’s moment of inertia is aligned in the optimal direction and boldly marked on each golf ball. Maxfli Tour’s 3-piece construction consist of a large and soft inner core, while Tour X’s 4-piece construction consist of a soft inner core and a firm outer core. Get ready to go long with the Top Flite Hammer balls by maximizing distance with increased ball speeds. Make every hole a long drive hole and leave the lay-ups behind. Choose Distance for maximum distance and high ball speed, or Control for maximum speed with a soft feel. Comes in 15-ball packs. SOFTFLI STRAIGHTFLI EMPOWER RUSH XL DISTANCE SOFT Designed to provide maximum distance for slower swing speeds! A larger core and softer compression maintains ball speeds for increased distance. Exceptional feel and higher launch angle produced by the soft 332 dimple outer ball layer. Available in multi-colored packs. Pinnacle Rush is designed to deliver extraordinary distance helping golfers of all abilities hit the ball farther with every club. The high energy core along with a soft cover and advanced 332 icosahedral dimple design combine for a powerful, consistent ball flight for long distance with every club. Comes in 15-ball packs. Available in white and yellow. Leave the lay-ups behind and step up to long distance. With three decades of experience in maximizing distance and durability, the Top-Flite XL Distance is designed to make your game big and your shots soar. Comes in 15-ball packs. Available in white and yellow. Pinnacle Soft is designed to give golfers an incredibly soft feel and help them hit the ball longer. The high energy, low compression core combined with a soft cover and advanced 332 icosahedral dimple design create low spin for longer shots and a soft feel. Comes in 15-ball packs. Available in white and pink.