Novelty Printers 2024 Catalog

6 7 TRIAD FIFTY ELITE ULTRA DISTANCE DUO SOFT Built with Wilson’s exclusive T3 Technology, Wilson Triad golf balls will fly longer and straighter, hold greens better and roll truer. The high MOI design, ultra-thin urethane cover and patented Tri-Balanced™ construction combine to form the most perfectly balanced golf ball in the world. Period. Available in white and yellow. The world’s softest golf ball – just got a powerful engine upgrade. The new core formulation is engineered to deliver faster ball speeds for enhanced distance and the same great feel. Now available in white, yellow, pink, red, orange, and green. The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite golf ball delivers balance to your game. Synergies between an advanced rubber core chemistry and a firm ionomer cover yield a fast, 50 compression golf ball with powerful acceleration. Available in white, yellow, orange, green, and pink. The new Wilson Ultra Distance Golf Balls features a hyper responsive core combined with an ultra durable cover all about long distance. If you’re looking for that extra length in your game, this reformulated golf ball fits the bill, allowing you to reach your maximum distance potential. The Ultra Distance delivers less spin on drives, equaling more distance off the tee. STAFF MODEL & MODEL X TP5 & TP5X The Wilson Staff Model golf ball is a tour-caliber, fourpiece urethane golf ball that delivers unmatched precision, speed and consistency. Featuring a medium-compression core, the Staff Model feels great off the club head and achieves flatter trajectories on drives and approach shots from distance, while the Staff Model X is made for players who want a firm, fast ball that goes longer and has more spin off the tee and off of irons. There’s a reason TP5 is the Most Complete Tour Ball in Golf, because it’s built like no other. As the only 5-layer Tour ball, it delivers unmatched performance off the tee, from the fairway and around the green. On any shot the golf course throws at you, there’s one ball that’s better for all. SPEED SOFT TOUR RESPONSE Effortless compression, tour technology. The new Tour Response is a 3-layer ball with 100% Urethane cover for increased groove interaction to generate more back spin around the green and soft flexible material with increased elastic components for better feel. Available in white and yellow. New Distance + from TaylorMade offers high-velocity performance for distance on all shots. Combining a REACT Speed Core and high-speed, lowdrag aerodynamics, golfers will experience a golf ball designed for speed. New + alignment stamp provides immediate feedback and easy alignment Available in white and yellow. Noodle Easy Distance is a new 2-piece ball with explosive core and anti-sheer cover. Impact propulsion core for longer carry, great feel and increased spin around the greens and patented dimple design for straighter flight. More lift for more distance. The technologies in Kalea are built for every element of your game - from driver to golf ball. High-Energy REACT core for maximum distance off the tee. Soft ionomer cover for soft feel into the green coupled with excellent greenside spin. The original Noodle Long and Soft with 2-layer construction, 34 compression core and aerodynamic dimple pattern. Comes in 15-ball packs. The new SpeedSoft is TaylorMade’s Softest ball. With new PWRCORE, larger, lower compression core giving longer contact time to limit spin resulting in more distance. With soft 50 compression, soft feel, and 322 extended flight dimple pattern for low drag aerodynamic dimple design model. KALEA NOODLE LONG & SOFT NOODLE EASY DISTANCE DISTANCE +