AT Designs 2022 Canada Catalog

55 TERMS & POLICIES: Acknowledgment: All orders are promptly acknowledged in writing by fax or email – if customer does not receive acknowledgment from A.T. Designs, their order is not active, and it remains the customer"s responsibility to ensure receipt of order and that any changes are transmitted to A.T. Designs for confirmation. Artwork: To minimize art charges, customer should provide ‘production ready" artwork, otherwise any changes or alterations are subject to charges. Artwork can be submitted in MAC or PC, in Vector format with all components converted to curves or outlines – preferred formats are Adobe Illustrator / Corel Draw / Photoshop – see website for additional details. Cancellation charges: Customer is responsible for all work completed up to time of cancellation – including artwork, die / set-up charges & production. Customer"s Samples: A.T. Designs cannot guarantee the return or condition of customers samples submitted with order. Dies / Moulds: All tools, dies, models and moulds are maintained for the exclusive use of the original customer, but remain solely the property of A.T. Designs, who may dispose of ‘Inactive" moulds (2 years of no reorder) without notice. Any repeat after this time will be subject to new charges. Credits: All credits applied to an invoice must have prior ‘written" approval from A.T. Designs. Withholding of any portion of an invoice will be considered ‘non-payment" and handled accordingly. Deliveries / Shipping: Standard delivery times as noted in Catalogue, or agreed upon at time of order, may have to be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances associated with ‘custom" manufacturing, where shipping method may have to be upgraded in order to meet your order deadline. All orders are F.O.B. Toronto, ON; Cheektowaga, NY or Indio, CA as noted on your order ‘Acknowledgment". - If shipping method has not been specified, A.T. Designs will select most appropriate method based on weight, destination, and time available. Customer must supply carrier account information if ‘special" delivery requirements required. - If credit terms not established, A.T. Designs cannot guarantee ‘Ship Date" without Credit Card ‘on file. If we are unable to contact customer at time of shipping, departure may be unavoidably delayed. - A.T. Designs cannot accept responsibility once shipment has left its premises. All claims should be made directly to carrier. All freight charges are the responsibility of the customer. Drop shipments / Split shipments: Drop shipments or single orders with Split ship dates will be subject to $5.00 Net charge per destination or date. Health & Safety - According to RoHS terminology, a product can be considered ‘lead-free" if it has less than 1,000 ppm of lead. - Current CPSIA standard for ‘lead" content in ‘children"s products" – as of August 14, 2011, sets the current acceptable level of ‘lead" to 100 ppm. - Though A.T. Designs products do not fit into the definition of ‘children"s products" as defined by the CPSIA – i.e. products designed or intended “primarily” for children under 12 years of age or younger; we are still below the current regulations pertaining to lead. * If your order is specifically intended for children under the age of 12 years old, please contact our company to ensure that your order will be in compliance with the laws of the day. Less than Minimum: Orders for less than the minimum stated in Catalogue are subject to ‘less than minimum" charge. Prop 65: All our product is compliant with Prop 65 and requires no labelling. Ordering: All orders must be received in ‘writing" – telephone orders will not be entered into production unless backed up in writing. Overruns & Underruns: Due to the nature of our business, we reserve the right to ship and invoice for 5% over & under the quantity ordered – any order requiring ‘specific" quantity is subject to a 5% surcharge on the ‘unit" price. PMS Colours: Select from the 21-PMS colours offered on our ‘Colour Palette" or request specific colour matching for a small additional charge Pre-Productions: A fee of $125 to $250 Net; plus all applicable artwork, set-up / die-charges, & unit charge for pieces provided. The pre-production fee will be fully rebated if more than 500 Lapel Pins / 250 other products are ordered of ‘same" design in pre-pro. Pricing: Prices shown are effective January 1, 2020 and are subject to change without notice. Prices in Catalogue reflect 2D designs – call to confirm 3D charges. Product Specifications: We reserve the right to modify any specifications associated with the physical characteristics of our product line, or to withdraw / discontinue product lines at any time without notice or obligation. Further, due to the custom procedures employed in the production of our products, there may be minor fluctuations in dimensions / weights outlined in our Catalogue. All published dimensions / weights are for discussion purposes and shipping estimates only. Sizes: The size of an item is measured at widest point of product or design. Modification / Service by ‘third parties": No modification or service to our finished products by a customer appointed ‘third party" will be authorized or funded without ‘written authorization" prior to repair or modification being started. Product use: A.T. Designs warrants its products for uses as designed and represented in our Catalogue. Any alternate uses of our finished products such as, but not limited to, ‘embedment / mounting / special packaging" will not be warranted if we are not informed of this specific use “prior to production”. Returned Goods: Factory authorization must be obtained “in writing” prior to merchandise being returned for any reason. Such authorization will not be granted after 15 working days from receipt of merchandise. Unauthorized returns will be refused and returned to sender at their expense. Rush Services: Rush deliveries are available on many product lines – contact the factory to determine if / what rush charges will apply to meet your deadline. Samples: Random samples are provided, wherever possible, for established customers up to a Net unit price of $5.00, or total request Net value of $10.00; all requests greater than these allowances will be billed at Net ‘end column" prices. Any shipping other than ‘Ground" service or Mail will be the responsibility of the customer. Terms & Payments: For all new accounts - 50% deposit with order is required,with the balance shipped C.O.D or paid prior to shipping. * If C.O.D. option is required by customer – A.T. Designs cannot warrant ‘In-hands" date requested by customer – as customer may not be available to receive shipment and cause courier to withhold goods for redelivery at later date. - Upon credit approval, Net 30 day terms may be extended, with interest of 2% per month charged on overdue accounts. - VISA / MasterCard & American Express credit cards accepted, as well as Money Orders, Electronic transfer and Pay Pal. NSF payment will result in $25 service charge and possible loss of any established credit privileges. Trademarks & Promotion: All designs submitted to A.T. Designs by their customers are deemed to be in full compliance with all existing laws of trademark, copyright, patent registration, and privacy regulations at time of submission. The customer in submitting these designs to A.T. Designs takes full responsibility for all of these issues, and agrees to hold A.T. Designs harmless to any claims of damages, costs, or expenses resulting from any legal actions as result of A.T. Designs using any of said materials in the fulfillment of the customer"s order. We do reserve the right to use all products produced by our company in our advertising and displays unless specified in writing to the contrary at time of receiving the customer"s order. All products shown in our advertising are for display purposes only and for the exclusive use of the original customer or those authorized by owner of such designs. Warranty: A.T. Designs warrants that all products are quality inspected and free of factory defect prior to leaving any of our facilities, any service claims to the contrary must be made, in writing, within 15 days of receipt of the merchandise.