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SOLAR PERFORMANCE 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Since 2004, we have been dedicated to sublimation and innovation. Founded by industry veterans who saw a need for great performance apparel engineered for sublimation, we think outside the “white box”, keeping our focus constantly on expanding your sublimation options as we grow. This complete dedication to sublimation shows up in our products. That is why we were first to offer Sublimation Certified shirt colors, award winning sustainable fabrics, and decorating tools like our Foam Kit that improve your productivity and enhance your business. The technologies and systems we develop expand your product diversity and help you deliver perfectly imprinted apparel and accessories to your customers. Above all, we exist to support you. We answer your calls on sublimation. We offer advice and guidance. We share our experience on winning that next order from the client. We listen to your needs and deliver what we promise — even if your need requires a unique solution. We invest in the entire product solution of sublimation. p6 A1SJBB • Men’s Basic Short Sleeve T-Shirt PT700 • A1SJBL • Men’s Basic Long Sleeve Shirt p7 L200 • Women’s Slim Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirt L700 • Women’s Slim Fit Long Sleeve Shirt A5SJBB • Toddler Basic Short Sleeve T-Shirt A3SJBB • Youth Basic Short Sleeve T-Shirt Y100 • Baby Basic Short Sleeve One-Piece p8 R710 • Men’s Solar Recycled Long Sleeve Shirt TP10020 • Men’s Solar Recycled Hoodie p9 R760 • Women’s Solar Recycled Long Sleeve Shirt TP20021 • Women’s Solar Recycled Hoodie p10 RM101 • 200 Mile Recycled Triblend Short Sleeve T-Shirt RM701 • 200 Mile Recycled Triblend Long Sleeve Shirt p11 PC101 • Recycled Biblend Short Sleeve T-Shirt PC150 • Women’s Recycled Biblend Short Sleeve T-Shirt p12 M700 • Men’s Solar Long Sleeve Shirt p13 M700 • Men’s Solar Mossy Oak Long Sleeve Shirt p14 H900 • Men’s Solar Hoodie p15 H900 • Men’s Mossy Oak Solar Hoodie p16 M100 • Men’s Solar Short Sleeve T-Shirt p17 M900 • Men’s Solar Short Sleeve Polo M910 • Men’s Solar Long Sleeve Polo p18 W850 • Women’s Solar Long Sleeve Shirt p19 W350 • Women’s Solar Short Sleeve T-Shirt M755 • Women’s Solar Long Sleeve V-Neck Shirt p20 OP20001 • Women’s Solar Long Sleeve Dress p21 W250 • Women’s Solar Wrap W150 • Women’s Solar Sarong R150 • Women’s Solar Recycled Sarong p22 M780 • Youth Solar Long Sleeve Shirt p23 M180 • Youth Solar Short Sleeve T-Shirt H980 • Youth Solar Hoodie p24 M785 • Toddler Solar Long Sleeve Shirt p25 OP40001 • Youth Solar Long Sleeve Hooded Dress OP50001 • Toddler Solar Long Sleeve Hooded Dress p26 A1SFBH • Spun Fleece Hoodie H930 • Men’s Thermal Hoodie p27 MLS100 • Men’s Jacquard Midweight Quarter-Zip WLS100 • Women’s Jacquard Midweight Quarter-Zip TP10008 • Men’s Midweight Quarter-Zip p28-33 Accessories p34-35 Packaging Details See Pages 4-5 For Our Other Brands