Vapor Apparel

SOLAR PERFORMANCE Fabric: 4.1oz. | 100% Polyester w/ UPF50 Protection Sizes: S-XL M780 YOUTH SOLAR LONG SLEEVE SHIRT Seagrass SEAGRASS Pearl Grey Attributes: The Solar Performance Youth line offers superior sun protection and cooling performance qualities. Featuring UPF 50+ solar protection, the Solar Performance line is lightweight, comfortable, and sure to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating through to your skin. This fabric is powered by PUREtech™ cooling and moisture-wicking technology and protected by M-Shield odor resistant technology. ARCTIC BLUE ABL PMS 5455 ATHLETIC GREY ATG PMS COOL GREY 6 CATMINT CTM PMS 271 COLUMBIA BLUE CBL PMS 659 PALE YELLOW PYE PMS 7499 PEARL GREY PGR PMS 427 WATER BLUE WBL PMS 310 SEAGRASS SGR PMS 573 WHITE WHI Available Colors* Sublimation Certified Available Colors NAVY NVY PMS 289 BLACK BLK SAFETY YELLOW SYE PMS 809 PINK BLOSSOM PKB PMS 705 *Available Early March *Available Early March 22 Sold in 6-Packs by Style/Color/Size