Vapor Apparel

Fabric: 50% polyester / 50% cotton Size: 51.5” x 33.5” THROW1 SINGLE-PANEL THROW Fabric: 50% polyester / 50% cotton Size: 51.5” x 33.5”(with nine panels) THROW9PNL NINE PANEL THROW The Foam Kit by Vapor Apparel helps prevent press and paper lines caused during the transfer process during sublimation printing. Using the Vapor tested foam adds a layer of cushioning in between your press plates allowing the edges of your transfer paper to float off the edge of your garment. FOAMKIT FOAM KIT FOAMKITTF FOAM KIT WITH TEFLON The kit contains heat-resistant foam; one 5 mil, 18” x 26” heat resistant transfer sheet; three second-quality Vapor shirts for practice; and, detailed instruction guide on usage. BROWN BLACK BLK BROWN BLACK BLK 33 Throws Sold in 2-Packs Foam Kit Sold in Single Pack