TaylorMade 2023 Corporate Catalog

(A) WHITE $23.00 KALEA - WOMEN’S PREFERRED BY THE WORLD’S BEST BREATHABLE TOUR PERFORMANCE ULTRA-THIN CONSTRUCTION FOR SOFT FEEL • Made from the highest quality AAA Cabretta Soft Tech™ Leather to ensure an exceptional grip ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY • 4-way stretch nylon insert offers optimal fit and comfort ENHANCED BREATHABILITY • Strategically placed perforated leather for increased airflow SUPERIOR FIT • Contoured fit wrist band with moisture wicking LH/S N7703019 LH/M N7703020 LH/L N7703022 RH/S N7703119 RH/M N7703120 RH/L N7703122 GLOVES STRATUS TECH - WOMEN’S $18.50 BREATHABILITY CREATES COMFORT GENUINE LEATHER SUPERIOR DURABILITY • Treated, wear- resistant leather SOFT FEEL • Thin, all-leather construction ENHANCED BREATHABILITY • Strategically placed micro perforations to optimize airflow for any climate ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY • 4-way stretch material and genuine leather construction, delivers superior comfort SUPERIOR FIT • Contoured fit wrist band with moisture wicking properties WHITE/BLACK LH/S N6407419 LH/M N6407420 LH/L N6407422 RH/S N6407519 RH/M N6407520 RH/L N6407522