AI Deep Dive Guide

Generating and customizing the written copy in the project and presentation modules is now easier than ever. Following are examples of how this tool can be used for everything from your introduction paragraph to the product descriptions that AI technology can write, enhance, edit, and translate. Content Writing If your client is a large firm such as Netflix, the tool will already know quite a bit about the company and will consider that information while writing the content. You can also add additional information about your client in the SAGE CRM, and the AI will also consider that. This content is sometimes perfect and sometimes needs to be adjusted. It makes an excellent first draft to use as a starting point before making any changes you want. If you don’t like the first thing you see, try again! This feature uses generative AI, the same as ChatGPT, meaning if you hit the button again, you get a different output than before. The AI can generate an introduction paragraph by pulling from the presentation information you’ve entered. The more details you give, the more specific the AI can be. In this example, the client is Netflix, and the presentation is meant to showcase products they may want to purchase for an upcoming company party.