AI Deep Dive Guide

Product descriptions can vary wildly across suppliers, but you want consistency in writing for your presentation! The Enhance feature allows you to quickly get more out of the existing descriptions by expanding on their ideas, adding more detail, making them more concise, or even translating the description to-or-from Canadian French, English, and Spanish. “Enhance” Button While the above example was specific to SAGE Presentations, these features can also be used to write thank you notes in SAGE Projects, write entire blog articles for your SAGE Website, enhance specific sections of those blogs, enhance product descriptions in SAGE Print Studio projects, and more. SAGE Sales Presentations • Introduction Paragraph • Product Descriptions • Header and Footer Content • Term and Conditions Text SAGE Websites • Blog Content (Yes, you can enhance AI-generated content!) SAGE Print Studio Products • Publication Description • Product Description Generate and Enhance in Other SAGE Modules Where to Use the Enhance Feature