AI Deep Dive Guide

AI Tools in SAGE Products: We have added AI features to the SAGE tools you’re already familiar with, and this is just the beginning. While the features we’re about to highlight are game-changing on their own, AI is a powerful tool that, by its nature, is always learning and improving. We will continue to develop and improve these AI features in SAGE, but here’s a peek at where we are today: The product search function of SAGE Total Access is the cornerstone of our product offering. With the new Idea Wizard, you can now get even more out of this powerful tool. Trying to figure out what products will be the most attractive to a client for a specific use case? Give the Idea Wizard your prompt with as much detail as you’d like to provide, and it will generate a list of ideas to help you find the perfect product for your customer’s event or promotion. Once you’ve found inspiration from the list of ideas, you can customize the search with the criteria and filters you’re already familiar with to narrow it down and find the perfect selection for your client. Idea Wizard Real Stats About Articial Intelligence