Advanced Searching in SAGE Online Cheat Sheet

Advanced Searching in SAGE Online SAGE Online’s product research tool empowers you to explore the vast promotional products industry database, comprised of over 1.2 million active products. Offering more than 60 search fields, you have the flexibility to narrow down searches by using drilldown options and filters, ensuring you discover the ideal product for your clients. This cheat sheet is designed to help you learn how to better search SAGE Online and be more efficient at finding those harder-to-locate products. For advanced searches, you will need to utilize the Advanced Search view in the Product Search Area. If you are currently using a different search view, to change your view, select the View icon in the top right corner to switch to the Advanced Search view. Product Search

To generate ideas fast, you can use the Idea Wizard feature in the Product Search area. The SAGE Idea Wizard uses the power of generative AI to give you ideas based on an event or promotion. Click the lightbulb icon in the right corner to get started. Did You Know? • Log into SAGE Online and click on the Product Search tab in the left menu. • From the Advanced Search view, you can start your search broad or narrow by using the drilldown options and filters listed. • If you are unsure what each field means, you can hover over the criteria titles for a brief explanation. • After choosing your filter options, click Start Search. How To Start and Filter An Advanced Search Do you need the product in a short timeframe? Fill out the Production Time field and select the In Stock option from the Other Filter Options section. Additionally, you can enter Location and Ship Point, these fields will narrow to where the product will ship from, saving you time and money. If you need ideas for your product search, try using the Theme field along with a quantity and the price range that you are looking for. You can also include some Other Filter Options such as Fresh Ideas, Popular Products, Premiums/Incentives, or Wearables Excluded. Quick Turnaround Product Ideas The most basic search criteria combinations are Category, Keywords, and Color. To be more specific on what you need for a product, you can also use criteria like Price, Quantity, Dimensions, Decoration Method, and Made In, Assembled In or Decorated In. Suggested Search Criteria Combinations

• Asian/Pacific Islanders Owned • B Corp Certified • Black Owned • CSR Certified • In Stock: If the supplier lists their inventory you can filter what’s currently in stock. • My Favorites: This will limit your search to items you have marked as your favorites. • New • No Setup Charge • Non-Union Made • Officially Licensed: For example, NBA or NFL items. • Pictured: This eliminates products from your search that do not currently have a photo. • Popular: Popular items are in the top 10% of searches and have a high interaction rate within the database. • PPAI Code of Conduct: This excludes suppliers that haven’t signed the PPAI’s Code of Conduct. • Premiums/Incentives: High end items, normally available at qty 1 and may be unimprinted. • Product Safety Aware: The Product Safety Awareness Program is part of a larger PPAI initiative to create confidence in promotional products as an advertising medium at every level. • Recyclable: Products that can be recycled. • Samples on Hand: This will limit your search to items that you have samples of on hand. • Specials (All) • Specials (Pricing) • USMCA-Proficient • Verified • Union Made: Made in a Union facility. • Wearables Excluded: All clothing items removed from results. Other Filter Options Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Search Criteria: If you would like to narrow down your search to find businesses that are B Corp and CSR Certified, as well as companies that are minority owned, use the ESG search filter. • All Audiences: Items that are marked as ‘Not Suitable For All Audiences’ such as items with an age restriction, like alcohol, will not display in your results. • Awards: This will limit your search to awardwinning suppliers. • Blank: This will limit your search to only return products with a blank. • Canadian Friendly: The Canadian Friendly tag includes suppliers regardless of physical location if they meet the criteria for serving the Canadian market. Suppliers are included if they are located in Canada, their products ship from Canada, or the items are priced in CAD. • Coded Pricing: This allows you to filter for specific codes so that the items returned in your search have at least that percent margin. • Credit Cards Accepted • Current: Items that are expired will not be returned in your search results. • Decoration Included • Decoration Available: This will limit your search to only return products with a blank with decoration available option. • Discontinued: Only items that have been discontinued will be returned in your search. This is beneficial when searching for an item found previously but is no longer in the database. Using the discontinued search feature will allow you to pull up discontinued products and contact the supplier for an alternative product. • Eco-Friendly • Excluded Suppliers: This will search from your previously excluded suppliers. • Fresh Ideas: Set list of unique, innovative, and exciting items put together by SAGE. • Disability Owned • Hispanic Owned • Indigenous Owned • LGBTQ+ Owned • Minority Owned • Veteran Owned • Women Owned

Search Connectors Search connectors are used when you want to include more than one keyword, theme or color in the same search. You can use a variety of connectors depending on what you need to do. Most often, one keyword will do. However, if you need to narrow down results, you can enter multiple keywords, separating each by “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT”. You will find these buttons above the box at the right. “AND” indicates that both words must exist. For example, if it has to be both ceramic and have a handle, you could enter CERAMIC AND HANDLE as keywords. On the other hand, if you wanted something either ceramic or porcelain, you would type CERAMIC OR PORCELAIN in the keyword area. “NOT” will eliminate words from your search. For example, if you want to search for a plastic pen without a stylus, you would enter PEN as your Category and PLASTIC NOT STYLUS as your keywords. You can also use parentheses to make your search as specific as you need. For example, if you want a mug that is either ceramic or porcelain but in either case it has to have a handle, you will enter (CERAMIC OR PORCELAIN) AND HANDLE in the keywords field. What are search connectors? Using AND & OR: Using NOT: Using OR and Parentheses:

As you become more experienced with SAGE Online, you will want to make your searches more refined to find specifically what you need. Here are a few more examples of ways you can use search connector combinations to further narrow your results. For example, if you want a plastic or metal flashlight that is waterproof, type: (PLASTIC OR METAL) AND WATERPROOF Note that depending on where your parentheses are placed, your search will take a completely different direction. For example, if you moved the parentheses in the above example to look like this: PLASTIC OR (METAL AND WATERPROOF) you would get a list of any flashlight that is plastic OR both metal and waterproof. You might get many flashlights that are plastic, but not waterproof at all. However, those that are metal will definitely be waterproof. So, as you can see, it’s important to make sure to put the parentheses in the right place! For another example, suppose you want a flashlight which is either plastic or metal, waterproof, but without a quartz lamp. You would put “flashlights” as the category, and then your keyword list would look like this: (PLASTIC OR METAL) AND WATERPROOF NOT QUARTZ Advanced Keyword Searches

Using quotation marks “_”, will allow you to search by phrases. Say you are looking for a shirt that is 75% Polyester, you would use the category of SHIRTS, and your keywords would be “75% POLYESTER”. This would only show results for shirts that have that specific arrangement of words, instead of having both words somewhere in the description or keywords. Using the asterisk *, will allow you to perform wildcard searches when you want to search multiple variations of a word. For example, using the keyword MAGNET* will pull up results for Magnet, Magnetic, Magnetically and Magnetized. Using brackets [-], will allow you to search by exact forms of words. SAGE will automatically search for different variations of word endings (-ing, -ed, etc.), and sometimes we want a specific form of that word, so the additional variations are not helpful. That is where the brackets come in. If you want a felt material laptop bag, you can use BAGS as your category and [FELT] AND LAPTOP as your keywords. Otherwise, you may get items with the word FEEL, as in “Feels like” since it is the present tense of the word FELT. Category: OR • Example: Masks OR Bandannas Theme: AND, OR, NOT • Example: Golf AND Outdoors, Golf OR Outdoors, Golf NOT Outdoors Color: / (for two-tone items), AND, OR, * • Examples: Red/Black, Red AND Black, Red OR Black, Camo* For more information on search connectors, see the Knowledge Base Article: Advanced Search Tips (#11656), which can be found by logging into your account, click Support in the left menu, and select Knowledge Base from the drop down. Using Quotation Marks: Using the Asterisk: Using Brackets: Where to Use Search Connectors Other Than Keywords: “_” * [-]

Additional Search Tips Instead of searching for the brand name in the Keywords field, instead try using the Item Name field instead, since the title of the product will normally include the brand name. Also try looking up the brand name in a Supplier Search to see if it is the suppliers name or a line they carry. The Verified by Supplier seal of approval indicates that the product’s data and pricing are up-to-date and accurate. Over 93 percent of active products in the SAGE database are verified, and many distributors choose to only search for verified products. SAGE Live Research Assistance offers the opportunity to connect instantly with SAGE staff to help with all of your product questions. This option allows to to receive information about a product, find a product, supplier, and more in a matter of minutes. For more information, contact your SAGE Account Advisor today. With SAGE Total Access, you have the convenience of accessing the product research tool from anywhere, whether it’s your desktop, the web, or your phone. For seamless searching while on the move, simply download SAGE Mobile, or opt for the user-friendly experience of SAGE Web through your web browser. To dive deeper into the advanced product search capabilities of SAGE Total Access, contact your Account Advisor today to sign up for a complimentary live demo or you can view a tutorial here. Brand Names: Verified Products: Live Research Assistance: