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Industry Deep Dive: Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness is one of the top industries in the world of promotional products! Whether you are young or old, maintaining good health and wellness practices is the key to a long, happy life. The health and wellness industry encompasses a broad range of products, services, and practices aimed at promoting overall well-being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This guide provides an overview of the industry, its key sectors, and popular trends. Let’s go!

What’s the definition of health? Health refers to the physical, mental, and social well-being of oneself. The healthcare market umbrella includes nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Source: International Association of Wellness Professionals Healthcare Industry Statistics Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the United States, and one of the top industries for promotional items! Here is some proof behind the pudding: Healthcare spending represented 18.3% of the U.S. economy in 2021, with $4.3 trillion in revenue. Healthcare is the third-largest industry in the U.S. 91.7% of Americans had either private or government health insurance for all or part of 2021. CVS Health Corp. is the biggest U.S.-based healthcare company with annual revenue of $315.2 billion. The global healthcare market will reach $665.37 billion by 2028. $4.3 TRILLION 91.7% $315.2 BILLION $665.37 BILLION 3RD LARGEST Sources: Zippa, Insider Intelligence Spending Healthcare expenditures have exceeded $4.3 trillion in the U.S. Here is the percentage of health spending by type of service or product: Source: KFF Analysis of National Health Expenditure Hospitals - 31.11% Physicians & Clinics - 20.32% Dental - 3.80% Home Health Care - 2.94% Retail Prescription Drugs - 8.88% Nursing Care - 4.26% Other Professional Services - 3.07% Other Health - 25.62% Where is healthcare spending the highest? Here’s a look at the states with the highest annual healthcare spending per person: TX OK AR LA MS AL GA FL UT SD ND MN IA OH PA WV DE NH ID WY NE KS WI IN KY TN NC SC CA WA OR MT CO NM AZ MO IL MI NY VT ME VA MA CT RI NJ MD NV AK HI 1. Alaska: $11,064 2. Massachusetts: $10,559 3. Delaware: $10,254 4. Vermont: $10,190 5. Connecticut: $9,859 6. North Dakota: $9,851 7. New York: $9,778 8. New Hampshire: $9,589 9. Rhode Island: $9,551 10. Maine: $9,551

$123.6 Billion $108.9 Billion $97.1 Billion What’s the definition of wellness? Wellness is an active concept describing a healthy lifestyle and achieving your full potential. Source: International Association of Wellness Professionals Wellness Industry Statistics Wellness is a key factor in an overall better well-being. Let’s look at the numbers: Over the past year, 88% of Americans have practiced self-care, and one-third have increased their self-care behaviors. Americans spend an average of $110 monthly on beauty, fitness, and wellness. Haircuts and facial skincare were tied for the most significant beauty expenses. Nearly 1 in 4 (23%) said they spent the most on haircuts, while another 23% spent the most on facial skincare. Vitamins and supplements were twice as popular than other fitness expenses, with nearly 36% saying they spent the most on them. Sleep aids and mental health care (19% each) are the most significant wellness expenses. Source: Beauty Matter Spending The global wellness economy spending includes eleven sectors: Personal Care & Beauty $955 Billion Healthy Eating, Nutrition, & Weight Loss Physical Activity Wellness Tourism Traditional & Complementary Medicine Public Health, Prevention, & Personalized Medicine Wellness Real Estate Mental Wellness Spas Workplace Wellness $946 Billion $738 Billion $436 Billion $413 Billion $375 Billion $275 Billion $131 Billion $68 Billion $49 Billion Thermal/ Mineral Springs $39 B Source: Global Wellness Institute

Deluxe Event First Aid Kit Item # 3552 Evans Manufacturing Eclipse Cooling Towel Item # WPC-EC18 Ariel Premium Supply Inc Heathered Cooler Tote Bag Item # 8277 Evans Manufacturing Health and Wellness Promo Trending Promotional Products for Patient Care: Push Pop Stress Ball Item # JK-9803 Jornik Manufacturing Corp Lip Balm Ball Moisturizer Item # IBALM Mixie Wheat Straw Bento Box Item # H458 High Caliber Line Trending Promotional Products for Medical Offices: Hand Sanitizer w/Silicone Sleeve Item # 3671 Evans Manufacturing Aqua Pearls™ Hot/Cold Pack Item # WHF-HC11 Ariel Premium Supply Inc Coloring Book & Color Pencil Set Item # JK-8710 Jornik Manfucaturing Corporation Gloss Paper Folder Item # 32170 Koozie Group Portable Tissue Pack Item # TIS500 Tekweld Big Paw Bear Item # 1200 Hit Promotional Products Now we can understand why health and wellness are so important, but let’s discover how promotional products fit into the puzzle. From hospitals to yoga retreats, there’s a large sector of the health and wellness industry that is ideal for promo! Here are a few businesses to keep in mind for your future client list and some promo product suggestions for each! Mission Translucent Matching Gripper Pen Item # MISSION Gold Bond Incorporated

Trending Promotional Products for Health Insurance Companies: Solstice Softbound Journal Item # WOF-SS19 Ariel Premium Supply Inc Notepad with Sticky Notes Item # P3A3A50 Koozie Group 40 Oz Vacuum Tumbler Item # ST40 Nexus Identity Liqui-Mark® Highlighters Item # 6000 Liqui-Mark Corp Round Stress Ball Item # JK-3977 Jornik Manufacturing Corporation Sticky Notepad Item # 2435 Evans Manufacturing Classic Cover NoteBook Item # NB-100C JournalBooks Leather Non Zippered Padfolio Item # BX-859299 Posh Xessories Inc Additional Healthcare Businesses to Target: • Hospitals • Dental Offices • Optometrist, Eye Wear Retailers • Medical Equipment Manufacturers • Gyms, Fitness Studios • Mental Health Clinics • Pharmaceutical Companies • Therapists, Counselors • Nutrition and Dietary Services • Medical Research Companies • Home Health Care Businesses • Senior Care, Assisted Living, or Nursing Homes

Trending Promotional Products for Spas and Massage Centers: Trending Promotional Products for Yoga and Meditation Studios : Field & Co.® Sherpa Blanket Item # 7950-57 PCNA Massage Beauty Roller Item # PMI311 Promo From Here Inc Luxury Candle Item # CANDLE-14B-BOX Bath Promotions Spa Weekender Kit Item # KIT-WEEKEND-1 Bath Promotions Plush Slippers Item # SL-2000 The Proinnovative Line Apollo USA Waffle Weave Kimono Robe Item # RW1007 Terry Town Aromatherapy Kit Item # KIT-SLEEP-1 Bath Promotions Cooling Towel w/Zip Pocket Item # GP72740 Getin Promos Inc Urban Duffle Bag Item # URBANDUFFLE Gold Bond Inc. Fabric Stand Kit Item # 406036 Soardist Two-Tone Layer Yoga Mat Item # 6055 Hit Promotional Products

Additional Wellness Businesses to Target: • Personal Trainers, Gyms • Wellness Retreats • Wellness Tourism • Natural, Organic Product Retailers, Manufacturers • Beauty Product Retailers, Manufacturers Trending Promotional Products for Health and Life Coaches: 32 oz Super Sipper with Straw Item # SIPPER32 Gold Bond Incorporated Unisex Fitness Shirt Item # 203151 Rivers Promo Inc. AeroLOFT™ Fanny Belt Bag Item # ALB-AB22 Ariel Premium Supply Inc Adidas® Zip Pullover Item # A521 S&S Activewear Fitness Resistance Bands Item # H201 High Caliber Line Fitness Watch Item # CA5048 PSL

The health and wellness industry presents a diverse array of opportunities and a growing market driven by client demand for healthier, more balanced lifestyles. By understanding the key sectors, spending, and emerging trends within this industry, you can develop a promotional product plan that will blow away your clients!

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