Industry Deep Dive: Pets and Promos

Industry Deep Dive: Pets and Promo

It’s a basic, universal fact of life: we LOVE our pets! Whether they’re as small as a mouse or as large as a Newfoundland, no one can deny that having a pet brightens our lives! Our pets are such an integral part of our lives, that we oftentimes take better care of them than ourselves and that is why the pet industry is one of the largest out there. From food to grooming and doggy daycares, let’s take a deep dive into pets and the promotional products industry!

Crunching Numbers Like Dogs Crunch Bones When it comes to the numbers, they don’t lie: Americans adore their pets! In fact, so much so that the number of households with pets continues to increase each year. For example, in 2022, 44.5% of households owned dogs, while 29% of households owned cats. That’s a 6.1% and 4% increase respectively from 2016 with 38.4% of households owning dogs and 25% of households owning cats. In 2020 there were 83.7-88.8 million dogs in the United States with an average of 1.46 dogs per household. 45% of households in the United States own dogs. In 2020 there were 60.2-61.9 million cats in the United States with an average of 1.78 cats per household. 26% of households in the United States own cats. After dogs and cats, fish are the next most popular pet at 2.7%, followed by birds at 2.5%, and reptiles at 1.4%. Source: Let’s take a look at how households spent their money, on average, each year on their pets. Dog Spending DOG FOOD $339 VET CARE $367 DOG TOYS $79 GROOMING $99 OTHER $99 Cat Spending CAT FOOD $310 VET CARE $253 CAT TOYS $50 GROOMING $18 OTHER $22 Households With Both Dogs and Cats FOOD $321 VET CARE $311 GROOMING $64 On average, individual households spent approximately $770 on their pets in 2021 - that includes fur, fin, and everything in between. And those same pet owners spent about 46 minutes each day of one-on-one, quality pet or play time with their furry companions. TOYS $83 OTHER $28 Source: &

Crunching Numbers Like Dogs Crunch Bones Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures $136.8 Billion 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 $123.6 Billion $108.9 Billion $97.1 Billion $90.5 Billion Pet Ownership Rates in the U.S. in 2022, by leading State So, how does that spending break down by state? In 2022, Wyomingites had the most pets at 72% followed closely by West Virginia at 71% TX OK AR LA MS AL GA FL UT SD ND MN IA OH PA WV DE NH ID WY NE KS WI IN KY TN NC SC CA WA OR MT CO NM AZ MO IL MI NY VT ME VA MA CT RI NJ MD NV AK HI 72% - Wyoming 71% - West Virginia 70% - Idaho 70% - Vermont 69% - Indiana 69% - Arkansas 66% - Mississippi 65% - Oklahoma 64% - Kentucky 64% - North Dakota Share of Current Pet Owners by Generation Source: Source: 33% - Millennials 25% - Gen X 24% - Baby Boomers 16% - Gen Z 2% - Silent Generation Source: Millennials and Gen Z love their pets! Both make up the majority of pet owners in the United States! Millennials make up the largest percentage of current pet owners (33%), followed by Gen X (25%) and baby boomers (24%). Pet Ownership by Generation and Pet Type Gen Z Millennials Gen X Baby Boomers Silent Generation DOGS CATS RODENTS BIRDS RABBITS LIZARD FISH TURTLE

Unleashing Promotional Paw-sibilities! So we know people love their pets, and we know they spend money on their pets, but what does that have to do with promo? Everything! From pet related businesses to giveaways for anyone with a pet, pet promos are a fantastic way for companies to get the visibility they need with a product that pet owners and furry friends alike will use for years to come. Here are just a few examples of the types of businesses you can add to your client list and products you can pitch them! Must Love Dogs Did you know there are over 15k products related to dogs alone in the SAGE database? From dog toys to collars, to paw print imprinted mugs, there’s a promo product for every business. Businesses to Target: • Doggy Daycares • Vets • Groomers • Food/Snack Companies • Toy Companies • Doggy DNA Testing • Shelters • Rescues • Apartments & Real Estate • Pet Insurance • Hotels • Dog Trainers • Dog Walkers • Pet Supply Stores • Pet Photographer • Pet Waste Removal Companies • Boutique Pet Stores • Restaurants • Pet Funeral Services Promo Ideas for Pups: • Collars/Leashes • Pet Safety Lights • Pet First Aid Kits • Tennis Balls • Bandannas • Frisbees • Magnets • Calendars • Treats • Poop Bags & Holders • Dog & Human Apparel Promotional Product Examples: Foldable Pet Food Scoop & Clip Item # AKYE2265 Great Sea International LLC Pet Poop Pick Up Dispenser Item # FLMC176 Finger Lakes Promotions, Inc Dog Bowl Bottle Item # SDB1 Ad N Art Pet Bandanna Item # TRILG-SP WOV-IN Collapsible Pet Bowl Item # 040764 The Proinnovative Line Silicone Pet Bowl Item # S203357 Worldwide Promotional Solutions Inc Water Bottle With Bowl Item # N090203 Nex Products Fetch-It Dog Toy Item # WPT-FD12 Ariel Premium Supply Inc Whistle Pet Training Sound Clicker Item # N090323 Nex Products

Cat Chat Cats are notoriously picky creatures but the good news is there are over 10k products for your customers to choose from in the SAGE database for cats and cat lovers! Businesses to Target: • Vets • Food/Snack Companies • Catnip Companies • Toy Companies • Shelters/Rescues • Pet Insurance • Animal Welfare Organizations • Pet Stores • Cat Cafe’s Puuurfect Promos for Cats: • Shirts • Stickers • Magnets • Catnip Growing Kits • Cat Treat Baking Kits • Cat Treats • Bandannas • Packaging • Plushie • Food Storage Unleashing Promotional Paw-sibilities! Pet Food Can Cover Item # AWJL00585 Awesome Sourcing Inc Realistic Chirping Balls Cat Toys Item # PGJHOP019 USA Promotions Gifts Line Inc Pet Grooming Glove Item # WHO-BR22 Ariel Premium Supply Inc Pet Feeding Bag Item # LJRB111 Nolwenn LLC Squirrel Plushie Item # 35011 Artistic Toys & Promotions LLC Rascally Rodents From the most famous mouse in the world to every hamster class pet, people love rodents! Whether you’re looking for a pet store or theme park, there are loads of rodent and rodentthemed promotional items your customers can use to boost their business. Businesses to Target: • Exotic Animal Vets • Food/Snack Companies • Supply Companies • Toy Companies • Rescues • Pet Insurance • Zoos • Wildlife Organizations • Pest Control Promo Products for Fuzzy Friends: • Shirts • Stickers • Pet Hammocks • Magnets • Plush • Stress Relievers • Food Bowls • Toys • Water Bottles • Cheese Boards • Mouse Pads Pet Collar Item # FFSLL40047 Forty Four Promotions Inc

Reptile Style Snakes, and lizards, and frogs - oh my! Reptiles and amphibians may be (mostly) small, but that doesn’t mean your customers can’t make a big impact with these promos! Businesses to Target: • Exotic Animal Vets • Food/Snack Companies • Supply Companies • Rescues • Pet Insurance Promo Products for Scaly Critters: • Shirts • Stickers • Magnets • Decals for Tanks • Buckets • Packaging • Plush • Terrariums • Toys • Coloring Books Under The Sea Pet stores, bait & tackle shops, aquariums and more are all businesses that you can add to your book with these promotional items. Businesses to Target: • Fish Supply Companies • Tank Design Companies • Tank Décor Companies • Fish Food Companies • Pet Insurance • Sporting Goods Stores • Bait & Tackle Shops • Aquariums Promo Products for Fishy Friends: • Shirts • Stickers • Decals for Tanks • Fish Nets • Buckets • Packaging Plastic Aquarium Item # 352 HM Schmidt Co Inc Waterproof Self-Sealing Bag Item # FLJW108 Finger Lakes Promotions, Inc Plant Vase Betta Fish Bowl Item # ASL1144 Gift Tesl Promotion LLC Aquarium Filter Bags Item # B2BH2099 Elements Global Group LLC Foldable Pail Bucket Item # FFSEZ40034 Forty Four Promotions Inc Fish Stress Reliever Toy Item # MAF-011 Anga Supply Unleashing Promotional Paw-sibilities!

Birds of a Feather Did you know some domesticated birds can live up to 80 years? That’s a lot of bird food. Your clients will have a lifelong customer with these promotional items for our feathered friends. Businesses to Target: • Supply Companies • Toy Companies • Food Companies • Rescues • Pet Insurance • Pet Stores • Exotic Vets • Sanctuaries • Parks • Zoos • Aquariums • Wildlife Rehabilitation Promo Products Sing for Birds: • Shirts • Stickers • Magnets • Food Samples • Binoculars • Sound Machines • Plush • Calendars • Clocks • Birdhouses Unleashing Promotional Paw-sibilities! Metal Bird Feeder Item # 1602 Illini/Altco Company Songbirds Calendar Item # 875 Koozie Group Pet Cage Small Bowl Feeder Item # 78720 Unison Global Sourcing Inc Window Bird Feeder Item # WBF-12-3791 SmartWorks Consumer Products Bird Shaped Ceramic Magnet Item # XH59N12-3 Factory Express Line LLC Solar Bird Bath Fountain Item # FFGHS40740 Forty Four Promotions Inc Promos with a Purpose Did you know you can also search exclusively for suppliers that participate in social responsibility and giveback programs? With the Social Good filter in SAGE Total Access, you can source products that specifically benefit animal welfare organizations so your customers can feel good knowing they are supporting a great cause!

Whether you’re just an avid animal lover or you’re looking to add more clients to your roster, the promotional products industry is the perfect partner to pair with these petrelated businesses.