Industry Deep Dive: Pets and Promos

Crunching Numbers Like Dogs Crunch Bones When it comes to the numbers, they don’t lie: Americans adore their pets! In fact, so much so that the number of households with pets continues to increase each year. For example, in 2022, 44.5% of households owned dogs, while 29% of households owned cats. That’s a 6.1% and 4% increase respectively from 2016 with 38.4% of households owning dogs and 25% of households owning cats. In 2020 there were 83.7-88.8 million dogs in the United States with an average of 1.46 dogs per household. 45% of households in the United States own dogs. In 2020 there were 60.2-61.9 million cats in the United States with an average of 1.78 cats per household. 26% of households in the United States own cats. After dogs and cats, fish are the next most popular pet at 2.7%, followed by birds at 2.5%, and reptiles at 1.4%. Source: Let’s take a look at how households spent their money, on average, each year on their pets. Dog Spending DOG FOOD $339 VET CARE $367 DOG TOYS $79 GROOMING $99 OTHER $99 Cat Spending CAT FOOD $310 VET CARE $253 CAT TOYS $50 GROOMING $18 OTHER $22 Households With Both Dogs and Cats FOOD $321 VET CARE $311 GROOMING $64 On average, individual households spent approximately $770 on their pets in 2021 - that includes fur, fin, and everything in between. And those same pet owners spent about 46 minutes each day of one-on-one, quality pet or play time with their furry companions. TOYS $83 OTHER $28 Source: &