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From white, sandy beaches, to the highest peak on the mountain, the world is awaiting travel promo. The travel industry is packed full of niche places to introduce promotional products. From places to stay to things to do, there are so many opportunities for branding. Inspire your client’s next campaign with promo products designed for travel.

Beach Resort 45% 36% 33% 25% 23% Major City Small Town/ Village Rural Area Mountains Source: Expedia In this guide, you will discover the niche areas for promo products in the travel industry. From places to stay to exciting excursions, the travel world is awaiting your client’s promo! Market Snapshot: Destination Vacation Here’s where travelers say they want to go on their next vacation: TRAVEL INDUSTRY STATS

Source: Expedia TRAVEL INDUSTRY STATS Market Snapshot: Reasons for Travel 56% 51% 48% 33% To enjoy new experiences To learn about other cultures and communites To boost physical and mental wellness To become a more well-rounded person

THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE EXPERIENTIAL GENERATION Market Snapshot: The New WFH 34% of travelers have worked from domestic or international accommodations, such as a hotel or resort, during the pandemic 28% of travelers worked four to six days away from home 23% worked six to 10 days away from home 59% say remote work will be a consideration in their future travel plans You might think that is an ominous outlook for the promo industry, but to the contrary, these travelers also want keepsakes and items to remind them of their travels, adventures, and experiences. Travelers also love to share the good, bad, and ugly of their experiences. Whether it is on social, Trip Advisor, or Yelp, promo helps to reinforce the brands they experienced while traveling so they can remember them as they provide recommendations to others. Millennials Fueling the Experience Economy of millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying something desirable Source: Flywire

THE BIG BOOM IN TRAVEL The pandemic brought us indoors, as well as the longing to travel again. Now more than ever, Americans are spending more on travel and experiences to make up for lost time during the pandemic. According to the U.S. Travel Association, 2023 is forecasted to bring in $270 billion for business and $880 billion for leisure travel spending in the U.S. $270 Billion $880 Billion Business Leisure Travel Source: U.S. Travel Association

WHAT TRAVEL BRANDS ARE TOP OF MIND WHAT ABOUT THE SMALLER BUSINESS? • Vacation Rental Management Companies • Bed & Breakfasts • Glamping • Tour Companies • Adventure Travel Companies • Experience Companies (wine, cooking, surfing) • Spas • Fun Rental Companies (bikes, jetskis, scooters, kayaks) • Souvenir Shops

PLACES TO STAY When you arrive at a destination, your first stop is your new home away from home. A place to stay! Unique destinations also have niche accommodations, which makes for great places for promo. Bed and Breakfasts A bed and breakfast o ers a more traditional side of accommodations. Usually, family owned and operated, this type of lodging has an overnight stay accompanied by a breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are private homes and typically have four to eleven rooms. What type of promo can be found at a bed and breakfast? • Soaps • Brochures • Towels • T-shirts • Toiletries • Water bottles If there is a tourist attraction nearby, tie in memorable promo products! Turns out, two in three Americans bring back a souvenir from their travels. Why not make it a promo product? 2/3rds of Americans bring back a souvenir from their travels Source: YouGovAmerica

PLACES TO STAY Airbnb started out as a way to help people connect with their communities and make friends. Since 2007, the platform has grown to over 4 million hosts who have welcomed over 1 billion guests. Today, Airbnb helps people find unique stays that allow them to connect with people around the world in a more authentic way. Airbnb o ers unique stays for billions of guests around the world. From houses surrounded by nature to those in a concrete jungle, Airbnb allows visitors to rent a place to stay in virtually any city of their choosing. Since Airbnb is a both a mobile and web-based platform, guests are able to book their full vacation with a few easy steps. Guests can not only book a place to stay, but Airbnb o ers one-of-a-kind experiences as well. Airbnb Experiences are run by Hosts in exclusive cities, o ering guests an adventure. A huge reason why people vacation, is to have fun things to do. The Hosts that provide these experiences would benefit from promotional products to better their brand and provide their clients with unique keepsakes. Here are examples of the best promotional items for actual Dallas activities hosted by Airbnb. Promotional products always have a way of capturing a memory of an exciting day. Let your client’s promo speak for itself and add some branding, personalized for each experience. Source: Airbnb

ADVENTURE IS CALLING Recreational Equipment Inc., (REI), is an outdoor recreational retailer based out of Kent, Washington. O en known for their camping and hiking gear, REI also o ers unique classes and day trips all around the country. From camping and hiking to Snowsports, REI o ers a wide range of outdoor activities for an explorer. These trips are owned and operated by REI experts, to ensure a fun, and safe day ahead. One of their featured activities is the Rocky Mountain National Park Glacier Gorge-ous Day Hike. For this trip, these promotional items would be handy. This hike involves a vigorous hike accompanied by stunning views of a glacier-fed lake. 1. A first-aid kit. If you’re hiking up the mountains, it’s good to be prepared for anything. For excursions like this, giving each explorer their own first aid kit is not only handy for the day ahead, but could be kept as a memento from their trip. 2. A water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated on a hike. Why not provide hikers with a branded water bottle? Perfect for water on the go. 3. A carabiner. Clip this accessory to your bag or keep it for a future climb. This promo product is small and can be branded, perfect for any outdoor adventure event.

ADVENTURE IS CALLING Here’s another example of an event by REI, Crystal Cove Hiking & Yoga. This day event features an easy hike along the ocean vistas of Orange County’s Crystal Cove State Park followed by a 60-minute yoga practice. Let’s power up this fitness session with some promo ideas: 1. A yoga mat shoulder strap. If you have to hike with a yoga mat, chances are you’ll need some way to carry it. Personalize it and you have a perfect souvenir from the trip. 2. A yoga towel. If you are in California, you may get pretty toasty doing some power yoga. Yogis can towel o with a keepsake towel from their adventure. 3. Drawstring bag. Hikers can be hands free with an easy-to-use drawstring backpack. Locations that provide tours and excursions such as whitewater ra ing in Colorado or cave exploring in Antelope Canyon are always in need of promo. These places are o en found by brochures in hotels or by word of mouth. Another way that they can get their brand out there is using promotional gear. From postcards to memorable hats, adding an excursion’s company logo can get the word out there. “People are social beings and want interaction and social learning is the primary form of learning, just as word-of-mouth advertising is the highest form of advertising.” -Stephen Covey

RELAXATION AND REJUVENATION A er a long day of activities, one of the best ways to enjoy a much-needed vacation is to relax. Spas are making a large comeback from the pandemic as we are seeing more people needing a break from everyday life. When spas are not connected to a hotel or resort, they are o en run by a few sta members or even families. Spas provide a refreshing experience and are a great opportunity for promotional items. Here’s a list of well-known spas in the U.S., as well as excellent promotional products to inspire your clients. Smaller and more historic spas o er more than just a rejuvenating experience, but also a breathtaking historical look into the past. Promotional products are a great way for spas to get spotted on the map and be treasured for years to come. 1. Roosevelt Baths and Spa This spa opened in 1935 as a part of President Roosevelt’s act to preserve the Saratoga mineral springs area. Source: Fodors Spa-goers can bathe in minerals and enjoy a step back in time. A tranquil candle that captures the smell of the mineral springs would make a wonderful promo product. 2. Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch Resort This rustic retreat features hot stone massages and custom facials in the Tucson foothills of Arizona. A lip balm and eye mask would be a perfect gi to await each guest upon arrival. 3. Rosario Resort & Spa The full-service spa at Rosario Resort & Spa o ers body wraps and facials o the coast of Washington State. A personalized beach towel would be perfect a er swimming in their historic adults-only indoor pool.

The travel industry is full of fun experiences and amazing destinations, the ideal place for promotional products. The travel experience is not about getting from point A to point B, but about the journey and memories made. Here’s to travel promo! Copyright © 2022 Quick Technologies Inc. • 800.925.7243 •