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AN INTERACTIVE ONL INE PROMO EVENT August 30 - 31, 2022 Brought to you by

Since 1992 our goal has been to bring distributors and suppliers together. We believe that bridging that gap is integral to making the industry stronger. Promo Live is helping us further that goal by bringing you this new digital learning experience from SAGE. Get ready for the upcoming holiday season and chat with suppliers about their newest products, best sellers, and learn creative ways to sell their products! During our discussions, you can chime in and interact with the presenters and fellow distributors to brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and more! Plus, if you like a supplier’s concepts, you can meet with them individually to discuss upcoming projects, partnerships, and more. Promo Live is free to attend for all verified distributors. Register your entire team today! REGISTER AT WWW.SAGEWORLD.COM/PROMOLIVE Your Guide To Prep, Explore, Engage, and Deliver Results Distributor Guide

Register your entire team for the event and mark your calendar Determine your clients’ needs for end of the year gifts, employee recognition, Q4 and Q1 budgets Review the supplier list in SAGE Mobile and create a walk list How To Create a Walk List: 1. Open SAGE Mobile 2. Tap the menu button in the top left hand corner and click on Tradeshows then select Promo Live 3. On the Promo Live tradeshow page, click on Exhibitors 4. On the Exhibitor page, when you see an Exhibitor that you would like to add to your walk list, tap on the walking person icon to automatically add them to your list 5. You can view your Walk List by clicking on the Walk List tab at the top menu Review Supplier Spotlight Schedule and add must attend sessions to your schedule Prepare For Promo Live: Distributor Guide Exhibitor Walk List Create A Walk List Sessions Schedule

Lobby You will enter the event through the Lobby. From here, you can access all of the areas for the event! On the Dashboard, you can view your progress broken down by how many booths you’ve visited, chats opened, products viewed, etc From the lobby, you can Navigate to the main stage, sponsor rooms, education sessions, the product pavilion, and networking lounges Scroll through the Featured Sponsors section to find top supplier lines and quickly navigate straight to their room See other attendees’ progress through the event on the Leaderboard. Earn points by visiting rooms, viewing room materials, watching sessions, and more Distributor Guide EXPLORE

Supplier Showcase The Supplier Showcase is where you will find hand-selected industry suppliers ready to help you discover the newest and hottest products. These suppliers have prepared sales marketing materials to help you present ideas to your clients. Plus, you will have the opportunity to chat one-on-one with suppliers via live chat or live video conferencing. Search for any suppliers by name or line name Filter the suppliers to just those on your Walk List View only Featured Sponsors View only sponsor rooms that you have or have not Visited Filter suppliers to just those on your SAGE Preference Groups Search for suppliers who have a specific Product Category, like bags or pens Filter by suppliers who have Show Specials Number of visitors in room currently Indicates if the supplier is on your Walk List Indicates if you have already Visited the room French-speaking staff are available in the room FR Distributor Guide EXPLORE

Once you enter a supplier’s showcase room, take the time to view supplier products and the latest marketing materials. Download any catalogs or flyers to use as selling resources for your clients. Booth staff are working in every room and are ready to chat with you! Come say hi, ask questions, and explore new ideas for your clients! If you don’t have time to chat, you can request samples and catalogs and schedule a meeting to speak later. Click on the Scan Me button to send your information to the supplier Schedule a Meeting with the supplier at a time that is convenient for you Request Samples of the featured products you see in their room In My Notes, make sure to record your notes for each supplier for access after the event is over Chat Live one-on-one with room staff or request a Video Conference to speak face-to-face View the supplier’s Marketing Materials, including specials, videos, catalogs, and more View the supplier’s Featured Products, including pricing and detailed product information You will find the supplier’s Contact Information at the bottom of their room Supplier Showcase Distributor Guide EXPLORE

Explore curated product showrooms to discover products for your clients’ projects. Product showrooms include trending categories such as In Stock, Made in the USA, Top Sellers, New Products, and Holiday & Corporate Gifts. Product Showrooms Like a product? Click the walking person to add the supplier to your Walk List Click on the Product Showroom Themes at the top to view the products in that pavilion Click View to see Product Details on a specific product, including pricing. You can also request more information on a product or view the product on SAGE Web for even more detailed product information Distributor Guide EXPLORE

The Main Stage is where all the action is! Hear from suppliers as they share new products, creative ways to sell them, and highlight their best sellers for the upcoming holiday season. During our discussions, you can chime in and interact with the presenters and fellow distributors to brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and more! Join the General Discussion group chat to talk with industry colleagues about the Main Stage events Click on Who’s Here and click on a profile picture of anyone to chat with them one on one Main Stage Distributor Guide ENGAGE

All of the education sessions from SAGE, PPAI, and suppliers are on-demand, so you can attend as many sessions as you want and fit them into your schedule! We also have multiple education tracks, so you can learn more in-depth about specific topics or get all the highlights with our most popular sessions! Browse through the multiple Education Tracks listed at the top Once you find an education session, click View Session Rate the Session once you’ve finished the session and provide feedback Once you’ve finished watching the education session, click on the CAS/MAS Credit icon to earn your education credits You can Live Chat with the presenter throughout the session to answer any questions you have in real-time through the group chat To view who is watching the session, click Who’s Here Access Resource documents for additional information about the education topic Education Distributor Guide ENGAGE

Create relationships with suppliers, fellow distributors, and local associations through our seamless group chat and networking lounge. Networking Chat with industry colleagues about the show, what cool products you saw, or just say hi in the General Discussion Scroll through the list of Lounges to find the one that you are interested in joining See the number of Visitors in each lounge Each lounge is filled with resources just for you! Watch the introduction Video View marketing and informational Materials for more information on the organization Join the Group Chat discussion Click on Who’s Here to view who is currently in the lounge Distributor Guide ENGAGE

Post Show Reports Distributor Guide DELIVER RESULTS Register today at Download all post-show reports Schedule any follow up with suppliers, review sample and catalog request Show off your finds to your customers! After Promo Live: