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The Next Generation of Promo: Product Trends for Generations Z and Alpha

Generation Z, the group of people born between 1996 and 2010, make up over 40% of total United States consumers, and Generation Alpha, their successors, are on track to be the largest generation in the history of the world. It’s undeniable: marketers can’t ignore this younger group of consumers, so how can businesses appeal to them? Here are the top trending products among Gen Z and Gen Alpha right now.

Young consumers love aspirational wellness content, as evidenced by the explosive popularity of the “That Girl” trend and other similar lifestyle fads sweeping TikTok and Instagram. But it’s not just superficial. Mental health and wellness are incredibly important to younger generations. In fact, 64% of surveyed Millennials and Generation Zers reported emotional wellbeing asmost important to their overall health. Source: Vice Media Group Taking Wellness Into Their Own Hands

Wellness Products for Gen Z & Alpha Products that support an idealized vision of “wellness” are an excellent way to connect with younger generations. Look for self-care focused products with an aesthetically-pleasing twist, like candles, journals, and skincare products. Trending Retail Products Wellness Promotional Products Dyson Gua Sha HydroJug Olaplex Candle Journal Essential Oil Diffuser Sheet Mask TREND # 1

At Home in the Kitchen Younger generations are often stereotyped as lazy and reliant on instant gratification, but Gen Z and Gen Alpha love to spend time in the kitchen. Over 1 in 4 teens and young adults are trying something new like baking bread from scratch and making inventive cakes. Source: 2022 Instagram Trend Report 53% of Generation Z enjoys cooking, and 71% would love to learn how to cook more! Source: The Hartman Group 53% 71% Cooking, baking, and other kitchenrelated content frequently goes viral on TikTok and Instagram among the under-30 crowd. Dishes like the Emily Mariko favorite salmon rice bowl and famous baked feta pasta are popularized on the apps and make their ways into home kitchens, with new dishes gaining popularity on a weekly basis.

Home & Kitchen Products TREND # 2 Most of Gen Z falls in the recent college graduate age-range or younger, so kitchen essentials that help them stock their homes are always welcome promotional products for this group. Here are a few popular kitchen items that appeal to this valuable market: Bento-Style Lunch Box This lunchbox is stylish and compact, making it perfect for the Gen Z kitchen. Bamboo Cutting Board A good cutting board is a kitchen essential, and bamboo boards make the perfect backdrop for a viral cooking video. Utensil Set Choose items that are not just functional, but will look good as well. These bamboo utensils will look great on a kitchen counter and make a mean pasta sauce. Avocado Tool Avocados might be a millennial mainstay, but younger generations love them too. Make avocado toast easy with this handy tool. Multifunctional items are another popular choice among Gen Z and Gen Alpha. This produce bag can be used to shop, transport, wash, dry, and store food. Mesh Produce Tote

Let’s Talk Fashion Fashion is a power and popular way for young people to express themselves, but the young consumers of today aren’t focused on aesthetics alone. Gen Z and Gen Alpha look for apparel from brands that support their values, so inclusivity is the name of the game. 56% of Gen Z shop “outside” their gender for clothing. Source: Vice Media Group “Gender-neutral” doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider unisex or genderneutral options when selecting apparel to capture this young market.

The Importance of Inclusivity TREND # 3 Selecting inclusive products is a sure-fire way to reach as many people as possible with your products. Big-name brands are catching on, too: in 2021, Old Navy began offering their entire women’s clothing line in sizes XS – 4XL, all at the exact same price (aka no upcharges for extended sizes). of Gen Zers feel that diversity and inclusion are important topics for brands to address. Source: Quantilope of Gen Zers said they would like to see brands include more diverse casting and imagery in their advertising and branding. Source: Quantilope 76% More than half

Putting the “Me” in Media Generations Z and Alpha have grown up with the internet in a way that no other generations ever have. These young people live their lives in the “real world” and online simultaneously, and they consumemore digital content than anyone else. of teens expect to discover new music or artists through social media in 2022. 70% of teens and young adults expect to see more video game trends in 2022. 40% Source: 2022 Instagram Trend Report

Trending Tech Products TREND # 4 To appeal to Generation Z or Alpha, tech-related products that they can use as they stream, browse, and post are options that are sure to please. When selecting tech products for this young market, consider what forms of media they use most – social media, video content, and gaming-related products are going to appeal to young consumers the most. Airpods Wired headphones are out, wireless headphones are in. Bluetooth speaker Portable and perfect to listening to music or practicing for their next TikTok. Ring Light In the age of online content creation, bad lighting is a no-go. Headset Perfect for gamers or remote workers. ®

Nostalgia Reigns Supreme Scroll through your feed on Instagram or TikTok and it won’t be long before you come across content that’s soaked in nostalgia for the late 1990s or early 2000s. Nostalgia is a powerful factor in how young people connect with brands, and this trend is expected to continue well into 2022. Since 2020, mentions of keywords relating to nostalgia have increased 88% Source: Hubspot

Nostalgic Promotions TREND # 5 Bucket hats, claw clips, fanny packs – oh my! Nostalgia-driven promotional products are expected to remain hot with young consumers throughout 2022. Bucket Hat Get the 1990s hip-hop style with a branded bucket hat. Butterfly Clip Butterfly clips were their favorite hairstyles as kids, claw clips were their mom’s go-to easy hairstyle. Both styles are hot right now! Fanny Pack Stylish young consumers might wear these more like crossbody bags than old-school fanny packs, but these belt bags are a retro mainstay for a reason. Flip Phone When scrolling on their smartphones gets too stressful, a squeeze on this retro flip phone style stress toy soothes.

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