Supplier Media Kit 2024

We’re Here For You. Your success is our goal. That’s why we’re constantly improving our products and services to meet the needs of promotional product suppliers like you. The more you take advantage of SAGE, the more successful you can be. 2 Introduction To SAGE 3 SAGE Advantage Membership 5 SAGE Supplier Center 6 SAGE Connect 7 SAGE Decorator Listing ADVERTISE IN SAGE 8 Front Page Banner Ads 9 Front Page Featured Products 10 Front Page Supplier Spotlight 11 Search Results Featured Products 12 Keyword Ads 13 Category Banner Ads 14 Brand Power Ads 15 SAGE Distributor e-Newsletter Ads 16 SAGE Blog Ads 17 SAGE Monthly Specials Email 18 Hot Products Email 19 SAGE Customer Update e-Newsletter 20 SAGE Stats in 60 Seconds Email 21 SAGE Monthly Trends Ads 23 SAGE Email Campaigns 24 Distributor Website Sponsored Products 25 Ready-To-Go Catalog 26 SAGE Flip Catalog SAGE WEBSITES 27 Website Services 29 SAGE Virtual Design Studio LEAD RETRIEVAL 30 SAGE ShowLink TABLE OF CONTENTS distributor users... more than Last year, WHY CHOOSE SAGE? and performed over 224 million searches in SAGE services. Do we have your attention now? spent over hours... 12 million 45,000 1 2