PPAS Newsletter

2 PPAI LEAD Steven Meyer, MAS RiteLine, LLC In April of this year I was fortunate to be part of the PPAI’s Texas LEAD (Legislative Education and Action Day) team headed to Washington D.C.. Dana Floyd, Nancy Jolly and D’Anna Zimmer filled out the rest of the team. Our goals were to educate the members of Congress and their staffs about our industry, to deepen or start relationships with key legislative players and to present ourselves and our organizations (HPPA and PPAS) as subject matter experts available for information about our industry. We managed to book and attend over 30 meetings with either the members of Congress/staff or both. We voiced our lack of enthusiasm with the pro- posed Border Adjustment Tax and shared information about the size and vitality of the industry in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. In each of the meetings we accomplished these goals and also collected information for future contacts and office responsibilities. You can play a role in this process too. When our legislators return home, you’ll see them. Everywhere from the parade down Main Street to the car wash, you have an opportunity to meet and educate your local, state and federal representatives. They need your input to make the best decisions so don’t be shy about approaching them and sharing your story. You can find helpful tips at this short YouTube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59lDJD8yJg0 . Nothing makes a stronger impression on these folks than one of their own voters sharing with them! Hello everyone! My name is D’Anna Zimmer and I am the Business Devel- opment Manager for Bag Makers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. I want to share some information with you about the Regional Association Community and PPAI. First, our Regional Associations have made a big impact on my professional and personal life. I am grateful to have joined both PPAS and HPPA early in my career. Joining has broadened my network and allowed me to better serve my customers. Volunteering in our industry is a privilege. I have served on the PPAS Regional Association Board for more than 12 years and have held all of the offices twice with the exception of Treasurer. I have also been the RAC Delegate three times. In 2016, I joined the RAC Board as Treasurer. What is RAC, you ask? RAC or the Regional Association Council is the organization that works to elevate the best interests of the Regional Association Community. From holding this position, I was appointed as the RAC Liaison to the PPAI Board in 2017. Unlike other PPAI Board Members that are elected, I hold a 2-year term instead of a 4-year term. I am honored and humbled to be one of four representatives fromTexas that has held this position on the PPAI Board. Alan Christopher, MAS, was the inaugural liaison. Next, Dave DeGreeff, MAS, held the position. Then, Tom Carpenter, MAS, and now me. The dedication and talent of these industry veterans set high standards for me to follow. Representing our Regional Associations, the collective Regional Community, and the Promotional Products Association as a whole is the highest honor I have received in my 21 years in the industry. I have a vote on the PPAI Board and my vote counts. This position has given me vast insight into our industry, and it has also given me the opportunity to be exposed to people and events that would not normally be found in my daily job as a supplier representative. Many thanks to all of you for trusting me to represent the Regional Community on the PPAI Board. I am truly blessed. D’Anna Zimmer, CAS Bag Makers, Inc. RAC Update D’Anna Zimmer