Supplier Media Kit 2023

FRONT PAGE SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT Be part of an exclusive spot added to the front page of SAGE Online and SAGE Web with an audience of more than 45,000 distributor users. Each time they log in, they will see your ad in rotation, where you can spotlight your company and message! This is the perfect opportunity to promote your new products, specials, videos, lines, or simply increase your brand recognition! This is a great attention grabber for distributor users to see what’s going on with top suppliers! BENEFITS • Add your logo or custom image to be viewed by thousands of distributors when they log in • Simply choose your logo or image, add your text or tagline, set your monthly budget, and your ad is ready to go • Your ad will link to your products and up to three sales tools (which can be flyers, videos, URLs, etc.) and enable you to drive your message and increase your engagement • Track your success with statistical reports on the number of times your spotlight ad was viewed and clicked • Change your message as frequently as you like, or add multiple spotlights to cover various messages easily through the SAGE Supplier Center • Adjust your monthly budget anytime to maximize your exposure Spotlight your company and message on the front page of SAGE Online and SAGE Web to push your initiatives and build your brand recognition with distributor users logging in each day! PRICING 5 cents per impression 10