Supplier Media Kit 2023

KEYWORD ADS Take control of your advertising and budget with Keyword Ads. Place your advertising message directly in front of distributors who are interested in your product categories. When a distributor searches for a product in SAGE Online and SAGE Web using one of your keywords, your ad appears next to the search results. BENEFITS • Targeted advertising by product keyword • No minimum spending requirement • Impressions vary based on keywords • Only pay when your ad is shown • Enter up to 25 keywords and/or phrases per ad • Links to your products in SAGE Online and SAGE Web, up to three sales tools (documents, audio, video, URLs, etc.) and allows for distributors to contact you using SAGE Chat or email • Change ad as often as desired in the SAGE Supplier Center • Complete control of your budget and keywords through the SAGE Supplier Center • Track your success with statistical reports on the number of times your ad is viewed and clicked • Two keyword ad style options available Need to stay within a budget? With Keyword Advertising and Search Results Featured Products, you can set your budget with no minimum spending required! PRICING Full Graphic & Text with Logo: 7 cents per impression SAGE Online SAGE Web Low Minimums, High Quality, "A" Rated Quality Headwear at Unbeatable Prices! 12