Supplier Media Kit 2023

Get social with your advertising! Take advantage of this opportunity to present your message to an engaged audience on the SAGE Blog. Distributors across the country visit the SAGE Blog throughout the month to stay upto-date on the latest content. We publish articles each week covering industry trends, business advice, productivity tricks, SAGE product help, and more. SAGE BLOG ADS BENEFITS • Get concentrated attention from distributors reading blog posts • Market to trendsetters and innovators • Blog posts are shared across social media, a number of industry publications, and are included in the SAGE Monthly Trends email Limited availability. Contact your SAGE Account Advisor for more information. PRICING Blog Supplier Spotlight $2,500 per month Our staff will chat with you one-on-one and create an exclusive article highlighting your products and business! This distinctive advertising opportunity is only available to one supplier per month. Top Banner Ad $1,500 per month This large ad across the top of the SAGE Blog is only available to one supplier per month. Top Side Tile $750 per month This ad is displayed “above the fold” on desktop and laptop computers, so it is visible immediately when a viewer visits the webpage. Bottom Side Tiles $750 per month The largest ads available on the SAGE Blog, these spots grab a reader’s attention and have plenty of space for prominent logos. There are 3 spots available each month. Check out the SAGE Blog at The SAGE Blog is viewed an average of 10,500 times per month. 20