Supplier Media Kit 2023

SAGE WEBSITE STANDARD New to the industry and looking for a quick way to establish a web presence? This website is an essential solution to getting your information out there and making your business accessible to clients and prospects 24/7. SAGE Website Standard is equipped with a product search and e-commerce solution that allows your web visitors to browse through all of your products on your site. Product information is pulled directly from the SAGE database in real time so it’s always up to date. It is also equipped with the SAGE Virtual Design Studio to allow clients to create virtual samples by adding logos to products on your website. SAGE WEBSITE PROFESSIONAL With more customization options than ever, SAGE Website Professional features an easy-to-use content management system so you’ll have more freedom over how you want your website to look. You can add blogs, featured video and testimonial sections to keep your site fresh, as well as create an unlimited number of custom pages. You can also enable the new artwork upload page and online bill pay page to save you and your clients valuable time and effort. SAGE Websites 25