Supplier Media Kit 2023

PRICING $595 per year or $59 per month PROVIDE MULTIPLE PRODUCT IMAGES Upload high-resolution images that feature different color options and views of your products so distributors can see all the facets of your items. Distributors can customize blank items with the SAGE Virtual Design Studio and send virtual samples to the end buyers. ADD PRODUCT SPECIALS AND SALES TOOLS Add product sales tools, such as marketing flyers, URLs, videos, and more to differentiate your products from the competition! You can also set up specials as often as you want to promote your latest deals. BUILD BRAND RECOGNITION AND INCREASE SALES We know a winning marketing plan isn’t just made up of one-size-fits-all opportunities. Contact your SAGE Account Advisor to create a custom marketing plan to increase your brand’s exposure. TRACK YOUR SUCCESS View your statistics in the SAGE Supplier Center to see what's working. You can see how many views and clicks your ads get, how many times your products were searched for, and view which products are your most popular. SAGE COMMUNITY Connect and collaborate with industry suppliers and distributors in the SAGE Community. Start a thread or jump in on the discussion. 4