Supplier Media Kit 2023

SAGE Connect allows you to provide real-time inventory and order status, giving your clients an accurate count of your products and updates on their orders, and improving your ordering process from beginning to end. SAGE Connect is a full-featured API that syncs your back-end systems with the SAGE database, therefore automatically updating your product information, inventory levels, order tracking information, and more in SAGE when you update your back-end system. BENEFITS • Provide real-time order status so distributors know where their orders are every step of the way • Integrate your inventory levels with the SAGE database to provide real-time inventory information • Product data and pricing update automatically in the SAGE database when you update your product information in your own system • Easily download all of your product data • Verify contact information with the SAGE distributor database in order to confirm the authenticity of a promotional products distributor • Download your order data from distributors who submitted orders via the SAGE order management system • Process credit card sales with SAGE Payment Processing and automatically submit transactions from your system PRICING Included with your SAGE Advantage Membership SAGE CONNECT 6